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Skincare Routine | Major La Mer Update

Bonjour! Annyeong! I have been MIA. 🤦‍♀️ Real life drama and the pandemic…something’s gotta give. But I’m active on my IG (@chicsassymom ) , but oh well… I’m baaack! I need a lot of inspiration, Start Up KDrama, sort of did (let’s not go into shipping wars, arraseo?!), then Run On happened today, it sounded like Move On…so I’m moving on! Let’s do this! 🙌🏻 But first, selfie! 😉

I woke up like this. #NoEditNoFilterNoMakeup

You ought to know, I have been very very diligent on my skincare, see here and here too.

From my most recent skincare post, major update is …I finally did it!!! Bonjour, La Mer!

Anyhow, on to the skincare routine:

After double/triple cleansing (makeup wipes, facial wash, oil cleanser) and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to remove my waterproof eye makep Step 1: Avene | Step 2: Lush Eau Roma Water | Step 3: COSRX Advanced Snail Essence |New Step 5: COSRX Galactomyces 95 Balancing Essence| But wait, there’s more…New Step 6: Peach Lilly Glass Refining Serum (I got it from my Allure Subscription I love it!) |New Step 7: Sampling the La Mer Lifting Contour Serum| New Step 8: La Mer The Eye Concentrate ( This what got me hooked into the brand, and then I’m sold!) | New Step 9: I double my eye cream with La Mer Eye Balm Intense because I had itchy dry patches last time | Step 10: Still soaking my skin with Lush Celestial Moisturizer | Step 11: La Mer The Renewal Oil (much needed) |Day time Step 12: Elta MD Sunscreen
Ooohh lala …still have a major hangover from watching Emily in Paris…La Mer sounds like it! Oui! J’adore!
Excuse my outfit, and the run on my stockings…that was me sporting my best 80s spirit. #WeekendMood Stay home and soak up in La Mer Skincare.

I’m so easy to get. After sampling the serum, eye balm intense and the oil, I just couldn’t get enough of it so I went on to do a major La Mer shopping spree (it’s either that or another Purse 🤫, the thirst always win!).

Seriously, I had a share of working from home… I had good days and bad days. I had breakouts because everything was off. Major routine interruption. The same with going back on field (since I’m an essential worker) wearing mask all day…it takes getting used to it. It becomes even harder when you’re on N95s. But I’m still committed to running for America’s next top skincare addict 😅 and I even up the game, just because I felt it’s time. It’s a gift to my almost 40-something self. Oh well, age is just a number! Let’s age with grace and lather lotions like there’s no tomorrow, let no one dull your sparkle! Aja! ❤️


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