Transit at Taipei Taoyuan Airport #TourUSA2014

#LatePost To my fellow awesome, fantabulous, chic & sassy mommy friends and readers, my belated Happy Mom’s Day!

We’re staying put this weekend. We need to rest. We need a stay-at-home kind of vacation. I need to blog. Is it June 12 yet?

We spent Mother’s Day weekend in Hong Kong. It’s short, but oh so sweet stay.

Now back to this very late post…oh how we love Taipei Airport!

Taipei’s must be my son’s absolute favorite airport. See why.

From Manila, via China Airlines, Welcome to Taipei!
Sky Team Transfer Desk in Taipei Airport 

Duty Free Shops Galore!  Having been to California and Hong Kong, you would think I received enough doses of shopping,  so No-t the case! I have been a very, very, good girl! *LoL

Taipei Taoyuan Airport. Just beautiful. There are themed waiting areas/lounge for each boarding gates. Plus a whole  lot of facilities… Library. Free Internet Access and Xbox play area! 
There’s an area for free use of iPad. Awesome. 
Duty Free store sells these…It’s a Wooderful Life, indeed!
More themed waiting areas per gate. 
This is another themed-waiting area. So Nice.
Play/Waiting Area. XBox, iPad, and this, Taiwan Airport is Chase’s absolute favorite!

We have four hours layover time, it was a midnight flight, it seemed there were not a lot of flights, so we almost had the whole place to ourselves. For food, there’s a bunch of restaurants per side. We chose the familiar.

We’re in Taiwan, we’re going to America. So it’s Coke, Burger, Sausage, and Fries. How familiar. I wanted Chinese food, something close to authentic, but my boys didn’t want to be that adventurous.

Happy Travelers.

Except for the airport, I haven’t been to Taiwan. I look forward to visiting. Plus, for a big Korean/Asian Drama fan like yours truly, Taiwan is a place to be…*thinks F4 of Meteor Garden, sings Oh baby, baby, baby, my baby, baby! *_^

I was pleasantly tired of flying, in a month’s time, we took 9 flights in total, so that’s a lot of airports. Incheon would still be my absolute favorite, just because I’m a fangirl. *_^ But if I will be with my son, time flies when you’re in Taiwan Airport, if direct flight is not in the table, another flight with a layover in Taiwan sounds pleasant enough. It was time to leave for San Francisco.

I was in San Francisco (prior SFO trip post here), Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Chicago and Wisconsin. More posts to come. Cheers! ^_^

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