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FabYou Korean Skincare Review

Annyeong! ✌🏻 It’s a very chilly beautiful day to just stay at home (yes, we’re still sheltering in place ) and just think and write happy thoughts…Seoulful and skincare, so, let’s do this! Sometime ago, before Christmas, because I must have been very nice, hah, my friends from BeautyNetKorea reached out to me on their recent skincare line, FabYou.

Ampoule: Restore Galactomyces, Glow Vita, Full Skin Collagen, Cell Toks Peptide | White Pore Reduction Deep Cleanser, Toner and Ampoule | Red Blemish AC Deep Cleanser, Toner and Spot | Healing Face Mask Sheets: Pep-Plex B, AC Anti-13, Vita-Plex 13, Pore Clear, Collagen-Pep

Awww…feels like Christmas with all these lotions. Remember, one can never have too many lotions. Okay, I’m a skincare addict 🙋🏻‍♀️, with a very sensitive skin, so when I do want to try or to add something, I do so responsibly. I patch test near my jawline, which is my most sensitive skin, plus if I do mess it up, get breakouts etc., it’s not so obvious. I just updated my skincare routine but I can always have a room or two for more essence or serum, since I have active subscriptions to ipsy and Allure, and every so often, I chance upon a nice serum or essence, so I can repurchase or just tryout something else.

I went for the FabYou Red Blemish AC line. Plus, I’m sharing the AC Deep Cleansing and Toner with my son. The AC Spot is a keeper. I’ve been a dedicated and avid fan of the Innisfree Bija Anti-Trouble Line, until I found a way to manage any skin irritations that may come my way via the Lush Celestial Cream, so the Bija line is my 15 year old son’s skincare line. The line features calming effect. Oh my, that helps, when you’re at this age, it helps to be surrounded with everything calming. Keep calm and carry on!
#NoEditNoFilter #NoMakeup #MeMyselfandI 🙊 January 10. I woke up like this with a red, itchy whatever. So I went for the Red Blemish AC Spot. Like magic, the next day, and next day after, it’s gone. So I’ve been reaching out to the Red Blemish AC Spot for any redness, blemish, bump, itchy and what have you.
Also, when you’re my age, Pores and lack of are everything. Hah. You don’t want them to show. So since December, I’ve incorporated the White Pore Ampoule in my skincare routine, it replaces one of my essence. Rule on skincare layering, lightest (essence, serum) formulation first to the heaviest (creams, oils), thinest to thickest viscosity.

So many face creams…that’s okay!!! My tip and maybe how I justify my overflowing supplies of lotions, I lather face creams everywhere…especially on my neck, hands (so very importantly) and even arms and legs. I need all the anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, anti-oxidants etc. in my life.

FabYou is another Skin care Brand line that’s featured in BeautyNetKorea . I am such a die hard fan of Korean skincare (and drama, and food and oppas ✌🏻). It’s an easy sell to me. Plus when it talks of being free from 13 harmful ingredients and all sorts (e.g. Paraben, animal oil, mineral oil, etc.) , I’m sold!

Part of EyeNLip ( I raved about Lulu Hair Ampoule awhile back). You can check out more products and more product information on the official website and IG Account @beautynetkorea .

P.S. I won’t flood this post with my many #makeup or #nomakeup #shamelessselfies, I have a lot on my IG @chicsassymom , so please do follow me on IG. ✌🏻🤫😅


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