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Updated Korean Skincare Routine 🌼🐌| #ChicSassyMomFinds

Annyeong, cinggu! πŸ€—

I’m a skincare addict! πŸ™‹πŸ»It has been a while since I updated my skincare routine. It’s still as elaborate as ever, 9-10 steps, forever inspired with Korean multi-step Skincare routine.  It’s mostly mixing and matching of the mainstay brands and the new ones. Except lately, I’ve been trying out stuff here and there, thanks to my subscription of ipsy and allure, check them out at IG @chicsassymomfinds. Some are hits, some are misses. Plus, I have super sensitive skin, so it’s not really a good idea. Oh well. So for whatever reason, I had breakouts, so I have to revisit my skincare routine. So here goes the old new routine…

 I’m back to using Avene Thermal Spring Water, Kiehl’s Calendula and Aloe Extract Toner (not Korean brand, but it’s endorsed by Superjunior’s Choi Siwon ✌🏻), Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule (from Amazon), Kiehl’s Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream,  Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream, and my Skederm Snail Jelly Mask

I’m such a fangirl πŸ˜‰, so when I saw that Choi Siwon is endorsing Kiehl’s, I jump ship. Plus I do have live calendula flowers so what’s not to love.

One of two haul I did with Kiehl’s 
Second Kiehl’s Haul…Kiehl’s Magic Elixir for Hair, full size Calendula Serum-Infused Cream and a lot of samples…I’m using the Magic Elixir, so far, so good. 

The Calendula  & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque is okay. It’s refreshing to use during the summer. But I reckon, I would need something more moisturising. The Calendula Serum-Infused Cream lets you cut your step. But for whatever reason, something I sampled, ate or just real life drama happening, I get breakouts, itches every so often. So I went back to what works. I went back to using Avene after cleansing. I air dry it before using a toner. Then I tried Skederm Snail Jelly Mask.

Skederm Snail Jelly Mask Pack of 10 for $19.95 with Amazon Prime. 

I love the Snail Jelly Mask. I’m on my second box. I do it every other night, and the leftover essence, I use it in the morning, after my toner, before the Mizon Snail Ampoule. The only downside is the fit. For whatever reason, it’s ill-fitting, either it touches my brows or it gets really close to the eyes. But I’m a happy camper. Though I’ll probably tryout the mainstream brands, like Nature Republic if another online haul calls for it. It’s just that it’s so easy with Amazon Prime, so Skederm Snail Jelly Mask is it!

Fancy meeting you, Missha. Back to BB Cream. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 23

From all the sea of Korean Brands out there in Seoul (too many Seoul posts to choose from, please type Seoul on my search box to know), even in Manila, Missha did not appeal to me, just because I’m such a fangirl, and I don’t remember a Korean Oppa (actor) endorsing it unlike Lee Min Ho for Innisfree. πŸ˜… Bad move. I’m loving it. So yes, after conveniently going for cushion , I’m back to using BB Cream (linking to one of my first ever BB Cream post).  Plus, I do get it from Amazon too.

Of all the skincare stuff I do non-stop hoarding here and there, plus from my beauty subscription, I have a whole bunch of skincare goodies sitting around. But fret not, there’s your precious neckline that needs equally the same tender loving care. It’s not as sensitive to breakouts so you can just use a combination of sorts. Even my hands can benefit from skincare. So yes, I do multi-step routine  caring for my neckline too.

More Korean and Japanese Skincare brands…Skinfood, Innisfree, Shiseido, Iope etc., but oui, we can all use Lancome, La Mer, Guerlain in our lives too. Je t’aime. ❀️

I’m too lazy to do a post with swatch, or a before or after.  πŸ™ŠSince Instagram is life, please do checkout my IG @chicsassymom for my shameless selfies. ✌🏻Cheers! ✨

Updated October 2019: See my updated Skincare post, read who made it to the cut and my newest fave skincare brand. 


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