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A Cinderella Story in Benicia

Hello there! Oh well…same old, same old. Part of yesterday’s Benicia Tour is a photo opportunity at the beautiful and charming gazebo along the main park along First Street. My heart skipped a beat. I’m thinking of Sam Montgomery and Austin Ames moment in A Cinderella Story. 🌹

Isn’t it lovely? I love Benicia!

It’s a lovely day to be soul searching in Benicia.

Benicia Park Gazebo.
Oh wow. Dream a little dream.
Photo from official Benicia Website. I’ll update this soon when the season changes.

Save the place. Save the date. As if. Anyhow, you can rent this for a fee, about $241 resident/ $313 non-residents, plus deposit and insurance.

Not a Cinderella Story 👠… I’m no Sam Montgomery…just because I will not runaway 🙅🏻‍♀️ without my shoes, purse and phone.

I’ll be doing more Benicia posts. Being here feeds my soul. We can all be Cinderella and wish for our happy ever after. That and/or just my Austin Ames. Hah. I can’t wait to see the autumn leaves work its magic. I love Fall season, it’s my fave. Which reminds me why I love Love Alarm, it’a a KDrama in Netflix. The feel makes me think of it’s OST, Can’t I Fall in Love Again by Klang.

I’ll end my post with this. 🎤 🎶

Everything is lovely here
And just maybe I’m in love?

Can I fall in love again?
Maybe you’re the one I needed
To take it all away
This pain
Can you fall in love with me?
And tell me that you’ll care for me

So when I close my eyes
Will you be there?
To let me know that all will be okay
Can I fall in love again?
This way
With you

Awwww. I can’t wait for Love Alarm 2. Meantime, it’s okay. Again, it’s okay not to be okay too. This year is just whatevs, we just have to make the most of it… perspective and mindset. So I’ll just write and unload some of my thousands of photos. 😉 Come back soon. Like, subscribe, follow me on social media.

P.S. I moved to a new platform. My categories are not yet sorted, I’m only updating the new ones. Some links may not also be working, instead please search. ❤️

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