Dear Diary

January 2012 
Angeles City, Philippines

Guess what? I’m making January 23, 2012 as officially my new year. So I have like few more days to plan ahead and welcome the Year of the Dragon with awesome fabulousness. ;-D Anyhow, I think I have one New Year’s Resolution, or perhaps two, I want to be uber chic & sassy, just to really live up to my so-called pen name. Haha! ;-D I’m not sure how many people will read into this post, because people usually read on my beauty product reviews. I hope they read the disclaimer, I’m no beauty guru! I just truly want to tell on pretty things that works (or not) for newbies, SAHM’s, or even late bloomers like yours truly. I’m all those by the way. 😀 I’m forever grateful to YouTube, Google, the user-manuals, and to the netizens of the blogosphere, and so I write, I actually like to call it paying it forward, to those who take time to update their blogs about their adventures or misadventures even, without qualms. I’m hoping, that my post or two, would mean something to someone.

I’m a monkey, but 2012 is mine for the taking! ;-D

Why I’m Chic & Sassy challenged?

  • We spent €100 for a taxi ride while we were in Paris! 
  • I’m happy to be servant-blessed (quoting Julia Child), that during her days off, I’m a bit clueless and grumpy at times. I’ll probably feed my hubby and son, instant ramyuns, and microwavable food. 
  • I eat …a lot! 
  • I won’t exercise!
  • We can’t travel light!
  • Ever so often, my credit card/s is/are maxed out! 
  • I’m hoping to win the lottery, or even win big in a slot machine.
  • I easily give in to my whims. I’m so easy to get.
  • I’m such a half-baked Hallyu fan! I don’t know K-Pop! 
  • I’m so scared of dying! I pretend that I’m not, I talked about it candidly all the time, but I’m just putting on a brave act.
Well, I can go endlessly, but that’s it for sad thoughts. Moving forward, life can only get sweeter. Slowly, but surely, I’ll get there somehow, someway. One of my greatest feat for 2011 is quitting smoking! Yes, you read it right! I was a smoker, unknown to hubby. Albeit my friends would know. I invested on Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers because they smell so good, and leave lingering scents that they can hide the scent. I dabbed it all over on my mouth and nose area, much how you apply after-shave…pat, pat, dab, dab! Yay! I made it more than a year without it. More than the health risks, and yes the secret a la infidelity to hubby because I told him I stopped a looong time ago, it’s actually the high cost of keeping skin healthy and younger looking, and the price of teeth whitening, that foremost made me decide once and for all to quit smoking! I’m so vain! ;-D

Thanks to shisha, every so often, I indulge. ^_^ 
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not whining or complaining for those misadventures. I take them as life’s greatest lessons. Today, more than ever, I feel blessed. I’m counting blessings. I revel that I feel so very,very important person (V.V.I.P.), that angels worked double shift for us…for my family. I will not dwell with the details. It was a not so good Day 1 of 2012, but it could have been worse/t. So that’s why, I’m officially moving our 2012 Day 1 to January 23, 2012, you know how I love to get all dressed up and pretty, I missed that last time.

At 12:45 am, January 1, 2012, we’re here. 
and here too. 
“The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.”
I often read or hear about it, but it didn’t really lingered until from last night’s movie marathon of Kung Fu Panda’s. That part of the quote (highlighted) was said by Master Oogway, the turtle. It took a children’s movie to strike a chord. I made a note to myself to espouse it. 
Po is a Panda Dragon Warrior, so this year of the Dragon, it’ll be mine too!  ^_^
We’ve been blessed, as in! I couldn’t even imagine the what if’s. I pray for discernment, for safety, for good health, for peace. And offer our overflowing gratefulness. I wish everyone a very happy year 2012. Life can only get better, and sweeter. Albeit I’m looking forward to unveiling tomorrow’s mystery, I have to say, Carpe Diem. Live. Laugh. Love. 
I’m taking 2012! It’s mine! It can be yours too! Let’s be fabulous in 2012! And I’ll be your forever grateful, at your service, Chic and Sassy Mom!  Cheers! 😀

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