Self Work in Progress | Let’s play golf! ⛳️

Oh hello there! It has been a while, tale as old as time…real life drama. #NewNormal Picking up where I left off…here’s a new post …I’d like to talk about my new interest, golf. If you’re following me in IG @chicsassymom, lately it’s all about my golf face, my golf swing and golf courses (and […]

Fave Beauty Brands from Ipsy & Allure 💄💋

Hope your weekend went well. Mine was okay. I did a lot of tidying, sorting among stuff that sparks joy…KonMari way, almost, sort of, because I’m cheating, in my mind, I’m letting go of these, so I’ll have room for more. 🤦‍♀️🙊😅 From the looks of it, I’ll probably be able to fill up one […]

Soaking up in La Mer 🌊

Bonjour! It’s Friday, I’m in love. This is my mantra every Friday. Yay! Plus, this is the time of the week that I diligently try to blog journal (it sounds so timely as it’s part of self care 😉) . My thought for the day, don’t ever be complacent. Side story. I’m journaling today (hah) […]

Ouai Hair Care

Oh yay! It’s VDay! More often than not, I always do something with my hair every February (search hair color on my search box 💁🏼‍♀️), and same old same old, with pandemic and all, I still went to the salon and did it too(see my IG @chicsassymom) . 🤫 Most of my professional life, I […]

99 Ranch Market Asian Grocery| When I’m missing Asia, I go here!

Nihao! Annyeong!Mabuhay! Wishing every one a wonderful and meaningful Lunar New Year! To new beginnings, to luck, to peace, to prosperity, to good health and safety and to love…let’s remain hopeful! I’m so homesick. I miss my Asian travels, I miss fan meetings, oh well! Thank goodness for my Korean and Asian Dramas, I can […]

I’m 40 and it’s okay! #BirthdayDiaries

It’s Friday and I’m in love! Friends, think happy thoughts. This is a belated post, for a blog site that features mostly all the parties I’ve hosted for my son, and when, today, more than ever, DIY is the way to go, I felt a blog post was in order. Plus, I’m 40, it’s kind […]

theAsianparent Philippines invites Filipino mothers to join Team BakuNanay and learn more about protecting families through vaccination

Hope all is well with everyone. Since it’s Friday, it’s my day off…will start my post with a quote from 10 Things I Hate About You…”I know you can be underwhelmed and you can be overwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?” Yes, please, whelmed is good! 🙋🏼‍♀️ But breath in and out, this too shall pass. 🧘‍♀️ Anyhow, I’m getting ready to […]

FabYou Korean Skincare Review

Annyeong! ✌🏻 It’s a very chilly beautiful day to just stay at home (yes, we’re still sheltering in place ) and just think and write happy thoughts…Seoulful and skincare, so, let’s do this! Sometime ago, before Christmas, because I must have been very nice, hah, my friends from BeautyNetKorea reached out to me on their […]

Dry Wreath Workshop 💐

Hello! Sometime ago, April 2020, we were faced with quarantine life and the ins and outs of sheltering in place, I wrote about what I did with the Stimulus check (my stocks are doing well, by the way), months after that, here we are…I’m not yet on TikTok, I’m not baking my own bread or […]

Covid Vaccinated 💉🦠🧬 (Updated)

Happy New Year! As always, life happens…hectic, but good busy. And then this happened exactly a week ago. We received Pfizer and BioNTech. There’s no choice between this and Moderna. We just excitedly lined up for it. I have two more weeks until the 2nd dose. Again, this does not mean I get a free […]


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