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If the shoe fits

Hello, September! It’s time to pivot! If you’re new to my blog, you ought to know that before I started mostly covering 😅 all the shiny objects and events in my life, the key milestone why I started this blog years ago was because my professional life took a back seat, I was a Stay-at-Home-Mom (it was sort of a big deal to me) and I needed a hubby. Today, cheers to us, we have empowered women! With ignited inspiration and renewed passion, there’s no variation between SAHM, WAHM, employee, founder and owner, we are all earning rightful spots to be lady bosses, to be leaders in what we do best (hopefully what we like doing best) and so the world is literally for everyone’s taking as long as you put work into it. But obviously, you just have to show up! I’m here and so are you! So I’m doing that today with a new pair of shoes that I bought for September Day 1. 😉

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is vlentino-espadrill-wedge-heels-zara-beige-shoes-clear-jelly.png
I will do a lot of walking, I’ll probably miss a step or two, so I need good shoes! ✌🏻
Valentino Wedge Espadrilles for my Dress Down Friday #OOTD. Zara High Heeled Vinyl Transparent Mule

Back story, how my blog progresses over time it’s all due to changes, the ups and downs, of my professional life. Before, it was a hubby, then I enjoyed guest posting and product reviews, blog and media events, then I started working again, I didn’t find time, I felt disconnected, and then blogger evolve to ambassadors and influencers, I couldn’t keep up. Hmm, realization, I never talk about much what I really do for work in my blog, maybe every so often in my IG @chicsassymom , so look me up in LinkedIn.

Up until today, I embraced being unemployed for the whole month of August. I vacay, I call it recharging, while doing the behind the scenes groundwork to just be ready to start September with champagne, confetti and all. No, champagne, I do have my keto coffee though. Oh, I didn’t quit work just because. There were some personal reasons behind the move, but mainly, it’s all for professional growth, it’s just time to be on my own, to build and to startup…check it out, I’m in Healthcare . There was a plan, I hoped for that, but the ball dropped so last minute (like this Saturday), that’s for sure another reason why I was feeling down yesterday. I can only hope to see the upside of it, and so I move forward. For what it’s worth, I still get to keep and wear the shoes while safely hitting the pavement. 😅 Aja! Aja! Fighting! 🙌🏻

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