Pasalubong Ideas from the Philippines | #ChicSassyMomXUSA

Mabuhay! 🤗Absence makes the heart grown fonder 🥺… I miss goodies from the Philippines, (food and non-food) products, and just all those simple, random stuff that we get to ignore enjoy back home. So whenever there’s a chance, I throw in my pasalubong request list. 😅Take note, I’ve very mindful on who I send out the list and just how much I put in the list for the fear of incurring fury. Excess baggage is real, people. ✌🏻

Chic & Sassy Mom Tips: If family are from the Philippines and are just visiting, if they sincerely offer, it might be okay to request for some kind of pasalubong (stuff they will get for you as a token of endearment being an integral part of our culture) or padala (stuff from your family/friends that will be coursed through them for you) or pabili (stuff they will need to buy for you, please make sure to send money beforehand)Just please be very mindful of just how much spare baggage space do they have and they can actually carry. Traveling with children provides them extra baggage space, but how on earth can they carry all those balikbayan boxes and luggages. For family and friends from the USA visiting to the Philippines, they too probably want to hoard goodies from the Philippines, so unless otherwise sincerely offered if you want anything, please do try to avoid. The same goes for sending stuff back to the USA from the Philippines via padala. Reminder to me. 🤫Key word. Sincerely offer. Hah. When you send/request for padala, make sure that the packaging is not sealed. You have to make sure that they know what they will be transporting on your behalf. Put them in clear Ziploc. Or just give them flexibility on how they can squish in the stuff here and there.

Anyhow, here’s what we requested from family and friends who sincerely (hah) offered to get us pasalubong. 😅

Updated: June 27, 2019

Updating with more pictures because we got more. I love. Thank you.

Pasalubong from my sister’s May US visit: Bread Pan, Oishi Salted Egg Flavor Chips, Yakisoba, Turrones de Casoy, Pancit Canton, Crab Paste, etc. Disclaimer: She’s my sister and they’re party of four and travelling business class, so they have baggage spaces to spare. ✌🏻
Love local. ❤️ Perla, Ph Care Naturals Guava Leaf Extract, Milcu, Likas Papaya, Safeguard Pocket Soaps (for travel) 
From Pampanga: Navarro’s Crab Paste, Tuyo Fillet, Turrones de Casoy, Ph Care Naturals Guava and White Handkerchief (I would have even wanted them embroidered). Handkerchief just because my boys still want to use them, if I’ll have my way, I hope they’ll just use Kleenex. 
Nestea Milk Tea,  Delimondo, Happy Peanuts and Banana Chips.
The Blue Kitchen Pugod Baked Banana Chips is a winner. 

Thank you, dear family and friends from indulging us. 😘

And now, here’s our list for Iloilo’s goodies. I did a collage because my aunt needs to know how they look like and where to get them. Photo credit as labeled.

Rgies Butterscotch with Mango Bits, Deocampo Barquillos, Angelina’s Buttered Toasts, Wewin’s Special Biscocho, Panaderia de Molo Galletas, BonbBong’s Piaya, Pinasugbo and Toated Muffin

Cebu’s Peanut Browas and Turrones de Mani (available hopefully in SM Supermarket) and Trappist Mango Jam from Guimaras
Tadaaaa! Wish fulfilled. Thank you! I went to LA to pick them up and TSA did a bag inspection as you can see with the notice. 

For non-food, I always ask them to get me Oryspa mint balms, Gatsby Harjuku Wax, Chamomile Oil aka Aceite de Manzanilla from Watsons. Oh well, the list can go on. Don’t get me wrong, we have Seafood City, Island Pacific or The Ranch, more or less, there’s the availability of some of the popular staples but the price is crazy. So here’s us already being objective on what to include in our pasalubong list. ✌🏻 Haha So you might want to list your requested items according to your priority. Unless it’s a close family member, we usually don’t give out wishlist. And we’re just pleasantly surprised on discovering stuff we never thought we would get back then, say like THE Banana Chips. Hahaha. If they do ask, just again, be mindful. 😉Be graceful and ultimately, be grateful. I miss you, Angeles City and Iloilo!  😍

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