Ontario Mills and Cabazon Outlet Shopping

Oh happy day! Here goes another shopping post. For my birthday this year, we decided to hit the outlet stores…really early. We’ve been told that it will be a nice day to shop…Oh my, true! We were supposed to go to Dessert Hills Premium Outlets located in Cabazon. It’s a long drive from where we are, about an hour or so. But it was raining that day, since it’s an outdoor type mall, it was decided to go to Ontario Mills first.

Shopping Day at Ontario Mills
We came early. #Excited First Destination was for the Old Navy Outlet for my son’s stuff.
Bath & Body Works Shopping at its best! *Happy Birthday to me! ;-D
Forever 21
Great finds at Gap for me and hubby.Β 
Oh my, I love this store. #PoloRalphLauren I bought 5 shirts at amazing price.Β 
Nike Factory Store. Naturally, my hubby and son’s brand and store of choice too! ;-D

By lunch time, the place was full, seriously jam packed. The Coach shop was only allowing people to go in by batches. Cashier lines for Nike, Gap, and Ralph Lauren were long. Additional deals and discounts were offered for that day. After four hours, we’re broke! Haha! ;-D But fret not, we were in mood for some more shopping, or window shopping, so we went to Cabazon.

Cabazon Dessert Hills Premium Outlets Photo Credit: Official Page

It was raining, so we arrived about 7pm. It’s dark and super chilly!

Cabazon Outlets

It’s drizzling so it was a bit challenging to move from one area to another. It’s by clusters. But Cabazon offers a whole lot more of store choices, truly a premium destination…there’s Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Gucci, Burberry, and whole lot more. This is a haven for big time spender. I will definitely save a visit next time. We ended up buying not much here, as we had our fill of shopping euphoria from Ontario Mills.

Ontario Mills Shopping Finds…a trunkful of goodies! ;-D Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Gap, Nike, Bath and Body Works
Hello Beauty Blender ! ;-D Finally got mine at Planet Beauty in Ontario Mills. Β It was love at first try with Beauty Blender last time, so I made sure to get my very own. I bought a three-pack gift set in pink, black and white. Plus I added a bottle of BlenderCleanser to take advantage of the buy $50 less $10 off deal for that day.Β 

One fine shopping birthday! Cheers! ;-D

Ontario Mills official website here.
Cabazon Dessert Hills Premium Outlets here.Β 

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