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Dry Wreath Workshop 💐

Hello! Sometime ago, April 2020, we were faced with quarantine life and the ins and outs of sheltering in place, I wrote about what I did with the Stimulus check (my stocks are doing well, by the way), months after that, here we are…I’m not yet on TikTok, I’m not baking my own bread or be in the running for the next America’s Michelin Star chef ( instead I Doordash a lot though 😅), but I did learn how to make a wreath.

Dry Wreath Making Class at Sweetness & Light Floral Design in Benicia. $45 for a two-hour class. I had Champagne to boot. Cheers! And I had unlimited access to all the flowers. Late post, I had the class, November 1, 2020.

There were pegs on how you want your wreath to look like, so when you start picking your flowers and foliage to go with it, you imagine and picture what you have in mind for the final look. The trainer showed us the basic and foundation on how to put it together, the importance of handling ever so softly the flowers, and attaching them so firmly at the same time. I had a few mishaps on my wire (must be the champagne 😅), but they’re expert on untangling it for you. So here goes!

Yay! My foliage was Eucalyptus, Basil Leaves and Lavender. I kept the colors pink and peach.
She is magic that one! Indeed, I try! 😉

Hope for the flowers. I love this book. I love flowers. ❤️ So I had a grand time doing the class. It’s lovely! Let see what purposive adventure and venture I’ll get myself into. Let’s do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! 🙌🏻

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