Prettify Me by E-derm

Happy New Year! 🙂 ♫♬I feel pretty!  Oh so pretty!♪♩♬

E-Derm Skin Care Services

Thankfully my January 3, my first Monday of the year turned out better than last night! Let’s just say that I got addicted to something yesterday that was really a waste of money and energy, although it provided me a momentary adrenaline rush! I totally got ripped off! :-(…okay, I’m totally moving on!

Going back, I feel like singing and officially starting my year by getting a diamond peel! Lucky me!!! … the best part, it’s for free! 🙂 Well, thank you Vida Circle Club for  your thoughtful token of appreciation!

I tried getting Diamond Peel for 3 different beauty clinics, one was even from a dermatologist in The Medical City…and the Diamond Peel of E-Derm, which was valued for Php 1000 ($23) by far now tops my list!!! 🙂

It came with basic facial regimen, which didn’t feel basic at all, because there were just so many steps and cleansing tools used in the entire process…I felt that it was kinda special! 🙂  And what makes it more totally worth it (just in case I will be actually paying for it…hahaha) is the added hand reflex, back, head and facial massage that comes with the Diamond Peel Package….Love it!!! I dozed off on their very comfy and plush recliner! Oh! I just truly feel so regal, royal and so beautiful! 🙂

 ❤Another Facny Picnik Collage… LoveY’all!  

So long! Until next time…Cheers!!!

E-Derm Centers

Level 2, Marquee Mall

Angeles City, Pampanga, 2009
T +63 45 3040000; M +63 922 8223892

Level 1, Seaport Gate, Robinsons Starmills

City of San Fernando, Pampanga, 2000
T +63 45 6360147; M +63 922 8223891

E-derm Building

Sto. Cristo, Guagua, Pampanga, 2003
T +63 45 9010728; M +63 922 8223890

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  1. Hi. Ang ganda naman ng face mo girl. Makinis. Matatanggal din ba pimple at acne marks s diamond peel? Isa s mga choice ko ang e-derm i think kc reasonable naman mga price nila s treatment. Thanks.


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