The Golden Passage Spa

The Golden Passage Spa Angeles City ;-D

Here’s where I enjoyed “me” time yesterday… 2 hours of pampering! ;-D I’ve been a massage junkie since time immemorial, haha! When I was still employed in the corporate world, I usually treat myself to an every other day home service massage. Lucky for us, we used to live in San Antonio Village within Ortigas Center. Either I go for Dial a Massage, which in time, became so hard to get a booking slot of my choice, so I explored others. Until I found Temple Home Spa. That’s two years ago, so I’m not sure if they’re still operational. But since I’m a SAHM, I had to cut down on my massage perks. So I Β just do it once in a while.

I tried most of the spa’s and the home service massage services here in Angeles City, so far, beside being conveniently located near our place, I super love one specific therapist. Yesterday, my hands are in need of massaging, I’m afraid that I’m at risk of getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from excessive you know what (blogging and online time?! ;-P). It’s no joke, I have a very bad posture while doing my online time. (Paging the people of ELD Korea). And my nodules on my back are killing me. Besides getting used to back massages, so my body tends to look for it, it’s just also very recently that I made myself sleep all throughout the night since that sadΒ March 8 morning. Almost 3 and a half months of elusive sleep got the best of me. Although, I can say that now I’m finally at peace with that event in our lives. So I decided to head over and get some more “me” time in the spa. Recently, I just got them at home, until the therapist I’m used to working left the company.

My Bentosa Back Marks! These are just some, my marks extend up to my neck and to my buttocks. ;-D

I got the signature massage, which is 1 hour and 15 minutes for Php 400. And the bentosa for Php 175, better known as the Traditional Chinese Cupping therapy. It’s not my first to have it done. But by far, it’s the best and the worst in terms of back marks. ;-D I even tried the traditional bamboo cupping on my last trip to Shanghai. But this is still by far the best in terms of creating that bittersweet vacuum seals on my back. One of the benefit of cupping, is that it is said to improve the natural flow ofΒ Qi.

I love how the therapist did them successfully and on several portions. Normally, they limit it to a number of areas. But since, she had 1 hour and 45 minutes to spare, she just did the cupping to several areas, while she’s not doing my back. I also felt that she used coins to mark the area where she placed the cups. Their massage routine is also your usual spa combination routine, except that I got one of the best therapist to do it. And it makes a difference. ;-D I’ll probably try Hot Lava Stones the next time, almost same effect, less marking.

I had several mishaps on my spa hopping too, both in house and home service, last time I got a therapist with sweaty palm (imagine how gross was that!), a therapist who’s sleeping ( I had to cough crazy to wake her up!), someone who’s feeling close that I got to hear her life story, etc. So now, I’m actually candid about it, I’m requesting for a highly recommended therapist, a little bit on a heavy side, because I don’t like those bony fingers prickling me, and I’m also very vocal that I’m on a heavy side myself so I need someone who can make my bones crack. haha. ✌

I felt vastly relieved after the process. It made me feel as good as my 2 hour -$50 worth massage that I treated myself while vacationing on Bali years ago. I almost got my good night sleep until that earthquake awakened me. Oh well…

Overall, I prefer The Golden Passage Spa more than other popular spa in the area (vs. Footsies, even that of Bioessence, Muang Thai is a close second except the lack of privacy.)

Directory of Angeles City Spa:

The Golden Passage Spa
Sto. Rosario St., in front of Carmelite Church behind BDO Bank

Phone (63 45) 888-3458
Footsies Thai Foot Salon
930 Magalang Rd., Pandan
Phone (63 45) 887-5261/0917-474-1386Β 
Muang Thai
Sto. Rosario St., in front of Villa Angela Gate
Phone (63 45) 887-1282
Medi Spa
Balibago, Angeles City, in front of Casino Filipino Angeles
Phone (63Β 45) 892-1479

Home Service Only:
Home Spa (This is where I recently had mine, until my favorite therapist left.)
Base: Baliti near Coca Cola Plant, San Fernando
Phone (63 45) 860-6118/ 09236597280

Su Casa Service Spa (Before Home Spa, I had a regular therapist here, but then they closed for a time, and they just re opened again.)
Base: Angeles City
Phone (63 45) 436-8808/ 09205729681/ 09228005140


  1. your post makes me miss simple luxury back there in the Philippines. whenever i go home to cabanatuan for the holidays, i always ask for a home-service massage. and i'd been asking her for the last 4 years to do it for me. just her. when i go home to iloilo, i always see to it that i go to skinetics.hayyyy… envy you.


  2. Hi Mommy Wendy! Super grateful for those! πŸ™‚ We even enjoyed home service manicure and pedicure, 50 pesos a piece. We're so spoiled here. πŸ˜‰ I haven't tried Skinetics, I'll check it out when we go there. I just go to Body and Sole, while there, or get the traditional hilot to do my massage. πŸ™‚


  3. Hello! Do they offer body scrub? And also, my friend was asking if they have an all-female masseurs? Or do they have males to? Thanks!


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