ChicSassyMom x California

California Shelter-in-Place: Life under Coronavirus Quarantine

I hope everyone had a Good Friday. Purposive efforts today to soak in happy thoughts and hopefulness. I’ve been diligent in updating by blog every day, except yesterday, I had some real life drama. I’ll not bore you with the details but let’s just say that it was a life-changing decision. As with everything else, as I deliberate, instead of looking at the trade-offs as pitfalls, I decided to hope for windfalls. Aja! I haven’t really talked about how we are doing in USA amidst the pandemic. This is Bay Area living for now.

San Mateo Bridge during San Francisco Shelter-in-Place

I work for an essential business, we do home health care. But as part of the Sales & Marketing team, we do our share of flattening the curve by doing remote work. Every so often, usually on Fridays, I report to our head office.

Staying connected, social distancing, quick huddle 6-ft apart. 

But most days, our little family of three, stays at home.

I wasn’t able to anticipate a trip to Costco, late in the game, I did online orders. Same-day Costco delivery took a week to be fulfilled by Instacart. It’s better than none. But still, no toilet papers and paper towels.

Chaseyboy, my son, is in his little bubble. Conscious effort to remind him he is still in school, amidst homeschooling, oh well, raising a teenager…the struggle is real! My hubby stays home most of the time, cooks and plays.

XBox Forever…Call of Duty! Wow…sounds like he’s living the California dreams! Ha. ✌🏻🤫

A few days ago, I risked going out just because we were told there’s paper towels in Walgreens. 😅

Paper Towels!!!

People were on masks and gloves. There was somebody who disinfects, wipes and cleans the card machine every after customer. There’s social distancing between the cashier lines. It’s reassuring. If this will be the new normal, we can get used to this.

I feel victorious coming from Walgreens. I sweetened the day with a Mc Donald’s drive thru for some burgers and fries. I so miss eating out!

Just how we do things with the current situation, from handling and unloading paper bags and grocery stuff, changed dramatically! I made sure to disinfect, sanitize and hand wash like crazy. For sure, life will never be the same again. We can only hope for better days! But we have food, toilet papers and paper towels 😅, so meantime, we’re okay! 👌🏻Family and friends are reaching out to us to make sure we’re okay. Thank you. Hope everyone is doing well. This too shall pass. ❤️


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