More Sale Finds at Accessorize

I finally made time to share my recent finds at Accessorize, I must have been very busy indeed to let my shopping bag from Accessorize to stay in a corner for a week. So here goes…This was my second not so major loot from the brand, after I made a quick trip prior to our Visayas escapade to get my accessories for the wedding. Being the smart shopper that I am, #bargainhunter even, I was able to get most of these at 70% off.

Accessorize wrap with Butterfly Prints now at Php 450. I fell in love with my butterfly charmed necklace and bracelet, I love to match it with this. ;-D

Accessorize studded Peacock Necklace 
Casual Bracelet for everyday, and great for layering too with other items.
I love this Accessorize long layered and charmed necklace . I used this for the wedding last time
…and this Accessorize Tassel Earrings too. 
More pretty items…so girly, bows and flower hair clips. ;-D
All dolled up with the Accessorize Flower Hair Clip with a Mantaray appliquéd Hibiscus cap from Debenhams…loving the The Face Shop Pastel Romance Spring 2012 collection (review on separate post). ;-D

Last week, I dropped by to three Accessorize Branches namely Trinoma, SM MOA, and Marquee. SM MOA still had most items on sale, while Marquee was okay. There were barely anything left on sale at Trinoma, so MOA is still the place to go, just in case. I’m seriously keeping myself from getting more, wish me luck! ^_^ 


  1. Oooo I saw that butterfly scarf when I was shopping at Accessorize too and almost got it but opted for another butterfly chiffon one. Great picks, though! Love them all. I had a hard time letting go of that peacock necklace, too. Sigh. Now regret it seeing it here. :phttp://wonderwomanrises.blogspot.com


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