Handy Carmex Original Tube

Lip balms are love. So I’m delighted to have more of them. I got two new Carmex lip balms. Truth be told, I only have faint memory of using Carmex, it’s hubby who had to get one last time because I only had my colored balm with me then. So the experience is totally new.

Original Carmex Tube reminds me of a wonder medicated salve that does the trick of providing instant healing. ;-D

What’s to ❤?

  • I love that it is mentholated. There’s the instant tingling feel. 
  • Maybe for some, they find the scent of camphor oils, herbal salve, and the likes overwhelming, but I’m actually quite fond of those medicated liniment scents, so I actually don’t mind the initial scent of the Original Carmex Tube. Anyway, the scent quickly goes away.
  • It does provide instant moisturizing.
  • The dome shaped applicator offers easier application, more hygienic that you can even wipe it clean, for those uncalled for sharing moments. If you know what I mean. ;-D
  • Offers value for money with the Php 99 selling price.


  • I’m not so sure about the soothing effect because I don’t really have windburn, chapped lips or the likes. So I can’t say much about the benefits of salicylic acid in relieving burning or discomforts, which is listed as an ingredient for reinforced benefits. 
  • The minty/tingling feel last only in a jiffy, less than a minute perhaps. 
  • It’s not a good lipstick base, because it has petrolatum, it actually takes a while for it to get absorb.

Overall, Original Carmex Tube is a reliable go-to OTC (over the counter) brand. For its price, it works as a medicated lip balm that deliver results on those targeted needs. It’s nice to have one handy at all time, as in! ;-D I’ll indulge in telling an off topic story on how I made use of it as a literally anti-itch cream. Last Saturday, on my way to Blogapalooza, I suddenly had two mosquito bites on my face, they’re big, red, and very itchy. While driving, I couldn’t think of any other things to apply because I don’t have any, I remember reading about its menthol and camphor ingredients on how they alleviate pain, anti-itch, antibacterial properties etc. So with  nothing to lose, I actually dabbed Carmex on them. Thankfully, the itching and the redness disappears. So yes, it pays to have Carmex Original Tube handy. ;-D

Carmex Original Tube Swatch

It’s surprising to know that there’s actually an urban legend surrounding lip balms, that they’re addictive and such that one develops a certain dependence and OCness (obsessive compulsive) to just keep applying them to your lips yada yada. I came across that because I just took a photo of how much lip balms I own, I was planning to make a wordless post of it, and from the looks of them, I’m a certified lip balm addict. Once and for all, lip balm manufacturer debunks that urban legend, and Carmex specifically just on the side of caution, notes that their lip balms are non-addictive. ;-D

I received this and Cherry Stick with SPF from Unified Wellness & Lifestyle, Inc., the distributor of Carmex Philippines. My review of Cherry Stick follows next. For more details and seasonal promotions, please do check out their official FB Page here.

I’m saving another one for my upcoming giveaway, so please do watch up for the mechanics on my FB Page. 

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