Manila Bay Sun Cruises *Pix Heavy

Happy Monday! Love is in the air, isn’t? ;-D… just want to join in the whole fanfare for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. So maybe, this could be of interest to some who haven’t finalized their V-Date just yet. ^_^ Anyhow, we took this escapade a while back. Hubby remembered taking the cruise yearsss ago, and he’d been wanting to try it out with me for the longest time, but it’s not really a priority until we had to scout for a one of a kind evening activity for our friends and relatives who visited last time. So we set of going for a Manila Bay Cruise just to have a feel. At least I know of two companies offering the Manila Bay Dinner Cruise, one from the Prestige and from the Sun Cruises‘. We didn’t know that last time. So we found ourselves taking the Sun Cruises. Read on for my thoughts and take. ;-D

Aboard M/V Spirit of Manila via Sun Cruises. We were treated with the spectacular sights of the SM Mall of Asia lights and the SM MOA Eye Ferris Wheel. 
We made it in time for the 6:15 pm trip. It’s docked at the back of CCP, beside the now-closed Jumbo Floating Palace Restaurant,  just after the Folk Arts Theater. 
The vessel of the Prestige Cruises is bigger, but it seemed doesn’t have an A/C dining area unlike the Sun Cruises’. 

Since we didn’t have a reservation, we were ushered inside the airconditioned dining area. It was a Wednesday, but the place was full.

There was a big group of French Tourists, with a Filipino Interpreter/Guide….oh how I envy him for his fluency in French. I took 6 modules for 2 years back in college, but I barely remember anything. 
The empty A/C dining area of Sun Cruises. Dinner will be served momentarily, before the ship sails off. So in the end, I guess it’s better that we were seated here, since the docking area is not as clean. 
It’s a sit-down dinner, with a single serving of clear soup to start off, and then the main course, then a dessert. Soda is not included. It’s tasty, but it’s so modest…not for those with a hearty appetite, like yours truly!  So yes, to our surprise! 

We finished our meal pronto, and we all went up to the higher deck for the view.

The higher deck/al fresco dining area. 
And then we started cruising… Sofitel at night. 

The cruise will circle most the Manila Bay offering the sights of the Makati, SM Moa, and Manila lights and skyline. The SM MOA especially the spectacular changing lights of The Eye of SM MOA are sights to behold.

Ms. Friendship with a nice French Madam. 😀
More sights. Aboard M/V Spirit of Manila.

Overall, this is not for those with hearty appetites. The cruise doesn’t come with a gastronomic adventure. The Php 550/rate is for the whole cruising by the bay al fresco and several photo opportunities. The tour takes about an hour, it offers plenty of time of getting-to-know-each-other type of engagements. The lights of course offer a romantic back draft. ;-D For the usual always-on-the-go like my hubby, it offers a great unwinding respite. More so, as happy travelers, this is a great way to appreciate and relieve that maybe cruising can be #morefuninthePhilippines.

Since our guests didn’t have the luxury of time, we skipped this, we treated them to a Korean Feast instead. They would rather spend their last few hours in Manila shopping at Greenhills and SM MOA anyhow. ;-D

Sun Cruises Schedule and Contact Details


  1. Ay kala ko tira yun nasa plate 😦 Yun na pala yun hu hu hu. Hindi po pwede sa akin yan ganyan kakonti na food, magugutom po ako waaaa. Pero in fairness po maganda pa rin ma experience ang ganitong cruise kahit minsan lang. Magaganda din po ang mga kuha mo!


  2. I'd like to try this from the first time I heard about this. Pero, looking at the food serving, parang di naman sya worth it. Uhmm, pag-iisipan ko. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!


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