V-Day 2012 at The Fort Bonifacio High Street

Hi! I owe everyone a belated Valentine’s greeting, I hope you all had a love-filled V-Day. ;-D For us, it’s twice as much, for we also celebrated my sis-in-law’s birthday. They were visiting from abroad. Truth be told, hubby and I are usually avoiding the V-Day rush so we go on for a pre or post date. We have a strong aversion of getting caught in the traffic and parking mayhem. But since we’re meeting up with them in Manila, we decided to stay overnight. My son loves hotel living, he calls it fancy living, but my, this is our fourth hotel stay for two weeks. It’s suddenly no fun packing and unpacking every time…but I’m not yet complaining, I’m just saying. For the night we decided to try The Legend Villas (post to follow).

Lola Maria Restaurant at The Legend Villas at Mandaluyong City

Anyhow, good thing we came in earlier at The Fort Bonifacio High Street, at 4pm, the parking was already something. All the walking made us hungry so we decided to grab snacks at Murray’s New Orleans.

Pete’s Famous Buffalo Wings Php 300+. We quickly finished these, so we helped ourselves for a second serving. Normally, Bleu Cheese dressing is not to our usual liking but when it comes to dipping buffalo wings, we just can’t get enough of it! We find ourselves loving the resto-bleu cheese dressings that comes with the buffalo wings here at Murray’s,/Clawdaddy’s too, and Hooter’s. Albeit, we’re not too fond of the variant that is sold at the supermarkets.
Murray’s New Orleans Pumpkin Soup. I shared this with Chase. Every so often, Chase and I love to start our meal to a serving of soup. This one doesn’t disappoint too. 
Purple and Red Velvet Cake Slice…too bad I couldn’t get a better photo, it actually comes with a strawberry syrup drawn heart, Chase was so curious about the silver metallic balls or dragées, which were edible so he went on hurriedly butchering it. ;-D I love the added purplish yam flavored. And I’m such a fan of cream cheese, so this one was to my liking as well.  

This was just my third visit to Murray’s. The first and second were for a company event, which after  finding the food to our liking, we decided to hold a private function thereafter. So far, the Pete’s Famous Wings remains to be a compelling reason for a visit. We’re recharged before we set off for our dinner date. Se we went on walking, window shopping, and eventually shopping too. ;-D Chase’s favorite stores are namely…Patchi, iStudio, JBL, Tempur, and ROX. I have almost the same, just add La Senza. ;-D

Patchi Philippines at Bonifacio High Street. We enjoyed Patchi so much the last time, that Chase has only the fondest memory of the brand, so he wanted to come inside the beautifully hearty adorned window store.
For dinner, we’re not in the mood to be adventurous, so we’re off to Italianni’s Restaurant, our ever reliable and foremost choice #when-family-and-friends-are-visiting dining destination (other than T.G.I.Friday’s). This was our 4th visit for the past weeks, so we mostly know what to order by heart. ;-D

Albeit my ravings and familiarity of the restaurant, I just realized that I never did an Italianni’s post. So I’m   doing a V-Day/B-Day 2012 Dinner post separately. Please indulge me to another food post. I hope to be back on my regular programming soon… more of beauty/girly/I-love-everything-Korean/shopping related posts asap. ;-D Again…my Belated Happy Heart’s Day greetings to everyone! ;-D


  1. Buffalo Wings is my ultimate fave dish – and I frequented Fort Bonifacio High Street so the combi rocks for Pete Famous Buffalo Wings! I'll check it out soon.


  2. The photos of the food made my tummy giddy! Too bad it will be awhile until I get my fill of them. I love the fact that you make time to indulge in luxuries. Belated happy Valentine's!


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