Happy Day at Active Fun at The Fort BGC

Last Saturday, I and Chase attended a Disney Junior event, it was so much fun! I’m extra elated having Chase, my 6-year old son, in attendance as well. Foremost, I started out as a mommy blogger, doing extraordinary ravings on mommy/son-related milestones. Hence to be invited alongside my son is doubly sweeter. ;-D Anyhow, after that event, the Active Fun play zone was deeply engaging and inviting, such that Chase begged me to allow him inside. He exclaimed loudly that I’m the greatest mom ever. Awwww!

Active Fun Building at The Fort  Credit: Source
There’s an elevator, but a run stroll to this colorful and artful winding walkway is inviting. 
I gave him an hour playtime with a Php 195 Weekend rate. The unlimited pass seems tempting, but I guess best availed when he have at least a friend, or his cousin, Gabe, with him. But to give kids more credits, it seems easy to make friends. ;-D
Active Zone Children’s Play Area Counter. This is where you pay after accomplishing the Admission slip (photo below) adjacent the elevator doors. 
Admission Slip. After payment, the child will be allowed entry. Socks should be worn. For safety, a photo of the authorized fetcher will be taken.
There’s a clause in the slip, if you’ll allow a child below 4ft tall to take the giant slide.  Chase is about 46 inches,  about 2 inches short. But it looks safe. So I did. ;-D
The play area is huge! I went up a floor higher to get a better watch of him. 
Definitely fun. Kids are running here and there. It’s all padded, and I noticed, made sure to note, that there are crews stationed to most area. There are people stationed on top, where the slide is located. 
True to its branding, it requires a great deal of activity to enjoy and to get around the whole play area…climbing, running, rolling. 

After an hour, I met up with Chase at the exit, he was sweaty, and thirsty. Good thing we came in prepared with an extra shirt, and towels.

Adjacent to the play area is the Circus Cafe, and a game zone a la Carnival games. The dining area is huge, and I guess reasonably priced. I sampled some of their food from the Disney Junior event on one of Active Fun’s function rooms,  I especially enjoyed the Chicken Quesadilla. 

Toys R Us is located at the same floor, so this place is now my son’s favorite place here in the metro. Similarly, function rooms for parties and events are available, of which can be availed relative to party or food package. Hmmm…just might consider it for Chase’s upcoming 7th Birthday.

Active Fun is located at ACTIVE FUN Bldg., Bonifacio High Street, 9th Avenue, cor 28th Street Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Check out Active Fun FB page, for more details. 


  1. some more months and I'll be able to bring my kids there and let them tear the place down while I shop somewhere in peace. lol 😀 nice to see Chase enjoying the place 🙂


  2. I always see this place when I go to the Fort and after reading your blog, their prices are surprisingly reasonable! Mas mahal pa yung isang play place na nasa SM malls. They also offer birthday promo package sometimes in Metrodeal. Well, thanks for posting! Now I know what the place looks like inside 😀


  3. My daughter enjoys this kind of play place. Here in Subic at Harbor Point Mall we have this Toms World activity fun and the price is way much expensive than this place. I sometimes bring her there and enjoy and also meet some new kids to play with. She is 9 now.


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