Real vs. Fake Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover | #ChicSassyMomFinds

Annyeong, cinggu! 🤗One can never have too many selfies (totally agree, but my boys would rather digress on this matter 😉),  but oh well, with Finishing Touch I can always be selfie ready, just in case.

Original/Real FLAWLESS™ By Finishing Touch®
I have fine upper and lower lip facial hairs. Though fine, but they’re black, so they tend to leave shadows and they’re unsightly to my liking. Those are times, I don’t do selfies at all. Hahaha I mostly do threading, painful, but oh well no pain, no gain. Once in a while I go for waxing. Sometimes,  when I have time and/or feeling like not spending, I tweeze. Thank goodness for the Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover, easy peasy, removes facial hairs instantly and pain free. From my experience, hair don’t grow back dark and coarse. I usually apply a toner with tea tree oil after each session, I massage the upper and lower lips. So no irritations, redness, and breakouts. That’s a very important, lifesaving 😅(because I’m vain) life hack to keep off breakouts after waxing or threading.  
The deal is I wanted to get my sister and mom one to use in the Philippines. I was feeling super comfortable with Amazon, so I bought a set (Tool and replacement heads), price is the same from Ulta, Target or Walmart. If you’ve just noticed, I kept saying Finishing Touch not just Flawless Hair Remover, because the Finishing Touch is a brand. I’d rather get the branded, original hair remover tool and replacement heads. To my surprise, this is what I got. 
Clearly, No Finishing Touch branding from the packaging and no Flawless branding on the tool. From the box, you will not spot the Flawless branding (see photo on top), it’s at the other end. I did not open the replacement heads because they’re just placed in a brown envelope. I can tell at the onset. The beauty of Amazon is the return policy, easy, no frills. I quickly triggered a return, went to UPS, and days after shipping them back for free, I got my refund.  Quickly went to Target and got the real, authentic Finishing Touch. Best to get them at authorised resellers.  
From Target, Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover $19.99+ and Replacement Heads $12.99+
Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover works for me. Thank you for my friends for gifting this to me…super lifesaver especially when in California (when a trip for a brow and lip threading is super expensive that what I’m used to when in Manila, miss you so much, The Brow Studio).  
#Selfie #Selca 😉
Anyhow, since DIY is the way to thrive…oh how I love thee, Finishing Touch. Selfie away! 🤳🏼Cheers! ✌🏻

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