Sit and Travel in Style the ELD way ✌

Annyeonghaseyo! ;-D I’m back to rave more about my Korean Culture Fascination. ✌ This is about two interesting scoops that again piqued my curiosity, sitting and traveling in style the Hallyu way. ;-D

Experience the ELD Living! ;-D

If you’re an avid fan of their dramas, a recurring scene that can’t be missed is sitting on the floor, even if it is a contemporary drama setting . This is true especially if it is a scene with a family elder’s room, or during meals. It truly is a fascinating tradition to see. It often makes me wonder how can they do it with poise, elegance, and to the point of making a scene even more romantic, like the one pictured below. I love! ;-D

Fancy Sitting with you! ;-D

For the like of me who’s not use to sitting on the floor cross-legged or half-lotus, let alone to sit on the chair, prim & proper, without slouching, this product is now on my must have item list very soon,  …The Hip-Up Sitting Cushion from ELD (Economical Living Design), which is a Korean-based company that have years of traditions to benchmark and to innovate their elegant and functional living goods products. My only rant is why, oh why, it’s only now that we have this? So for the young, the bold, the brave, and the beautiful, and even the young at heart, don’t let it be to late, this is something for us. ;-D

Improve your posture and realize a curvy hipline with ELD Hip-up Sitting Posture Correction Cushion!  ;-D

There’s more to it than meets the eye. Aside from the aesthetic benefits of having a good posture, the difference of the ELD Dr. I Somsii Cushion from the other regular sitting mats is that it emits Far Infrared Ray, which is cited to contribute in overall health and wellness. Also, check out the matching Backrest Cushion to get the maximum beauty and health benefits. 

Chic Travel Essential… EDDAS Travel Goods! ;-D
The picture speaks a thousand words. ✌ Need I say more? Anyhow, these bags are not only eye candies, but their also functional. Also under ELD, are their travel essential brand lines of EDDAS and ETHOS. These ELD Travel bags highlight style and character. If you’re more of a classic, vintage, romantic, trendy, or casual fashionista there will be something for you on their wide array of product offering. ;-D
EDDAS, ETHOS, and SOMSII are registered brands of ELD Co., Ltd. of South Korea
If you’re like me who wish to snatch those items asap, please visit the following sites…
P.S. This is a post to introduce ELD as a company. This is an overview of their Product Portfolio, and not a review of the actual products. More information are available on the links provided above. This is my personal take on the company and on the products, hence the subjective remarks are all mine.  This serves as my PostnJoy Entry and I may be eligible to receive compensation for this post.

Image Credit: Screen Cap of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Dramabeans 


  1. Wow, very lovely room is this and I like it very much. That room is stylish, nice paint and wonderfully decorated for visitor. A couple picture is represent a great love between them. Really an impressive post


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