Philips Salon Multistylist 10 in 1 ;-D

Philips Anniversary Sale 55% Off! I *heart*! πŸ˜€

My friends from Philips would know how crazy I would be whenever we have an employee sale back then. ;-D If only I could fill our home with Philips appliances I would do that. But as far as I remember the most we get for discounts was at 30%. If you’re really lucky, some items at 50% off. So imagine my happiness when I found out that they even have their Anniversary Sale at True Value. I’m ecstatic, and panicking. Haha! ;-D After rationalizing our needs vs. wants, we got a steam iron, and my happiness in a box. ✌

Philips Salon Multistylist 10 in 1 Original Price Php 3300. ;-D

I’ve been eyeing this baby even back then, it’s just that I had a reliable flat iron, that I just let go earlier this year, and I could never get it back. It’s fine. I love the pretty friend who had it. ;-D So now, I can finally get the multi-styler. ;-D

Unlimited Creativity and Versatility in a handy bag! ;-D
Made of ceramic coating for ultra smooth gliding! ;-D

I’m not even an expert on using hair straightener, so it means that I have still a lot to learn. I *heart* that I can play doll with so many hair styles to choose from… straight and sleek, large voluminous curls, tight curls, ringlets, soft silky curls, defined curls and flicks, large waves, twists and turns. Oh my! The possibilities are endless. ;-D

So if your a Philips fanatic like yours truly, rush to your favorite appliance store now. Sale ends July 31, 2011. ;-D

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