Philips Multi-Stylist Hair Style of the Day: Short Wavy Flicks

I used the Oval Attachment of the Philips 10 in 1 Multi Stylist. πŸ˜€

Today, before lunch, I tried out the Etude House Aloha Water Veil Fixer Mist over The Skin Shop Magic Bright BB Cream, since I was testing both products. I love the overall finish (review coming soon). Six hours later, it’s still as surprisingly amazing as earlier. So I decided not to put the make up base into waste and created my hair style of the day, using again my Philips 10 in 1 Multi Stylist. This time I used the oval attachment. I wish I can show you how still amazingly pretty my makeup base is still is, but with the lack of a better camera today, I decided to focus on my hair instead.

This time, I remembered to put on the Schwarzkopf Crazy Sleek Hot smooth Iron Lotion before I used the multi-styler.Β 

Since I might be doing a lot of hairstyling with my handy Philips hair iron, I unearthed my hair lotion. I love the scent and the trigger sprayer. It’s suppose to be heat activated straightening for smoother finish, protection, and lasting hold. Anyhow, I still used it for curling. It’s the same thought anyway. I wanted to create flicks but not the flat iron straight kind. The oval attachment provided the volume and the wave, and the flicks at the tips.

I used the first hair wax I found, it’s my son’s Skin Food Jelly Shine. I applied it on my hair tips, to reinforce the flicks. Wavy Flicks! Lovely! ;-D
From another lighting perspective. ;-D
My hair seems to growing longer than expected! And yes, it’s still Tangled-Inspired Hairstyle! ;-D

So overall, this is my third styles (two for me and one for my friend) from the Philips 10 in 1 Multi Stylist.Β Just lovely, isn’t it?! ;-D

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