Timezone and Frozen Yoghurt

For the win! ;-D

It’s another malling weekend for us. ;-D It seemed that not only the cinemas are full because of the Transformers 3, but also Time Zone. Full House!  This is my son’s happiness…Time Zone! ;-D We love to indulge him with a visit every now and then. The good thing about it though, is that he’s learning the ins and outs of saving points to get a bigger and better rewards, instead of exchanging his tickets right away. So far, we have around 450 points. ;-D He usually like the ones that gives out a lot of tickets (me too!) but he always make sure to play the basketball. This time he wanted to play the basketball for the big boys. Although he needs to go inside to reach. ;-D He scored! ✌

Mommy’s Lil’ Bandit enjoying his Frozen Yohgurt! ;-D

He also wanted to have ice cream. It had to be frozen yoghurt. ;-D We love Yoh-gurt Froz, which is located just across Time Zone and the cinemas of Marquee Mall. For our toppings, choice of three, we get 2 x blueberry, and cheesecake. Since they don’t have cheesecake last time, my hubby got him, blueberry, cheese, and graham. This concoction tastes even better! ;-D 


  1. cute ni little boy..my kids also loves to go there po when we go to SM but they usually love rides since my kids are 3 and 6..kaya small basketballs muna..magandang umaga Ms.Anne 🙂


  2. Hi Mommy Sie: Thanks!;D Di na kami masyado sa rides, but there are times na feel niya parin. ;D He's now into getting a prize that's why career namin ang mga tickets! ;D


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