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99 Ranch Market Asian Grocery| When I’m missing Asia, I go here!

Nihao! Annyeong!Mabuhay! Wishing every one a wonderful and meaningful Lunar New Year! To new beginnings, to luck, to peace, to prosperity, to good health and safety and to love…let’s remain hopeful! I’m so homesick. I miss my Asian travels, I miss fan meetings, oh well! Thank goodness for my Korean and Asian Dramas, I can remain blissful every so often. And when I do miss my Asian food cravings, I go to 99 Ranch Market. I’ll show you.

Feels like Hong Kong and Taiwan. Oh my Deng Lun! It’s a Fish Snack, spicy anchovy, I just grabbed it, because Deng Lun is in it! Such a fangirl. More snacks fro the Lunar New Year, Pork Floss, which I get when in Hong Kong, and hot pot, soups.
I love Japan! My Fave. Japan KitKat, Chocolates, UCC Coffee.
Japan’s UCC Coffee | Vietnamese Coffee | Owl Coffee from Singapore, Old Town Coffee fro Malaysia | Sake, Soju and everything in between.
Korean snacks chips, Choco Pie, ramyuns. #SeoulFood
Singapore’s Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips. Yesss!

Those and so much more. 99 Ranch Market has also a bakeshop, dim sum bar and authentic Chinese food shop to-go. I’ll show you next time. There are different Asian supermarkets and groceries, but 99 Ranch offers a taste of everything.

So this is my happy place…for now. Asian Trips will have to wait. #Saveforfuturetravel #SeeYouin2021

P.S. I moved to a new platform. I have previous travel and shopping posts. My search bar though is optimized. please search, read and stay a while. Follow me on IG and FB @chicsassymom . ❀️

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