First Impression: Regent Spa (Kapitolyo)

I *heart online deals, being in Manila allows me to enjoy online shopping sites, I’m registered to several sites, but I find myself super interested to another offering from Deal Grocer. It’s for a Regent Spa indulgence, a newly-opened spa in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. First, it’s very near our place, it’s along Pioneer Centre. And then, there is the fact that I’m a spa/massage-aficionado. ;-D Before I dived to getting the deals, we decided to check it out for ourselves, sort of. This is just my second deal from Deal Grocer, first was my MUD-Manila makeup class, which I love. Hmmm…actually it was very late and I can’t confidently refer a reliable therapist to my sister who’s visiting, so a quick drive to it was called for. I have more or less an idea how much is the going rate for a massage with the rate given at Deal Grocer, so we’re ready to splurge.

Regent Spa in Kapitolyo
Spa Lobby/Reception…nice! ;-D
The hallway to the massage rooms. So grand! 
LCD TV’s are everywhere. Even in the room. 
Wow! The Suite Room has an adjacent sauna and a tub. #Iwillbeheresoon! ;-D

For their opening promotion, all massage services are on 30% off.

For a walk-in rate, the 1.15 hrs costed Php 490 vs. Deal Grocer’s Php 450. But we can’t wait since the redemption only starts off June 9. ;-D
This is my room. 

Chic & Sassy Tip!!! We realized that if we’re with a friend, in my case with my sister, we prefer to get a single room vs. a couple’s room. We feel that here’s a bit of impersonalized servicing when two massage therapists are together at the same time. Instead of catering to one’s needs, like more time on back massage, more pressure etc., they tend to adhere to the routine mechanically per se, doing things at the same time and pace.

Comfy Me. I don’t really wear spa’s clothes per se, except on high end-ish spa establishments.  Regent Spa’s outfit  is a pair of robe-type blouse and shorts.
Minty Herbal-ish Neck/Back Pillow Warmer is love, love, love. I want to take it home. 😀 The minty scent is so invigorating, and the herbal-ish scent is soothing and relaxing. 

Here’s a run through of the routine… sorry, no pictures, was too sleepy relaxed to document. ;-D

  • boiling Hot Tea Foot Soak. So it’s a bit dark. 
  • While seated, foot reflex. This is love. 
  • Sofa converted to a Massage Bed for the Back Massage
  • Front Massage
  • Major Stretching 
  • Seated, finishing moves, back massage and more stretching.
  • Hot towel wraps and scrubbing. They used a lot of towels, seriously. While it’s customary that a hot towel be used to remove oily/greasy feel, theirs included a quick wrap and massage. This is 2x the love now. ;-D 
While, I was so happy, and seriously keeping myself to go online right then and there to get my Deal Grocer coupons pronto, my sister’s experience was unsatisfactory. #Sad

Here’s the details on the unsatisfactory part. We give in that no two therapists are alike, but at least the routine should be more or less standard. Yes, given that we came in before 11 pm, maybe the therapist assigned to her was tired, but the routine given to her was totally different, there were minor foot reflex, and barely any stretching. She was also unsatisfied to the intensity of pressure the therapist used, to the point that she was saying ouch! Oh well…we recognized that going for a new spa with unfamiliar therapist is a risk that we have to pay. I had mishaps too, in fact several, such that I haven’t really found my go-to therapist in Manila with the home service spa providers that I’ve tried recently. But maybe, the therapist assigned to me is a keeper. ;-D I wish though that a quick head massage would be included on the routine. Now that I know, maybe I can persuade the therapist to sneak in some few strokes on my head.

Converted Massage Bed

Overall, on spa preference and consideration,  therapist foremost, routine secondly…plus maybe the time, regardless how great a therapist is, she tires, so it’s best to be among her first clients for the day. And then there’s my OC Germ-Patrol self, I demand fresh linens, towels, sanitized massage beds after each use, etc. all the time. ;-D With the Regent Spa relatively the newest spa in my vicinity, I’m bound to be a regular client. LoL* Hmmm, I’ll let you know if my sister changes her mind on her take on Regent Spa though, once I let her try the therapist assigned to me. The promo rate with the ongoing 30% is a reasonable price to pay for the high end-ish amenities that Regent Spa offers, so yes, I bought two coupons, so I’ll be back for more. ;-D

Regent Spa is located at 2/F Ace Water Spa Bldg. United St. corner Brixton St. Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig, Philippines.

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