Another Addiction:Michael Kors

Oh Happy Day! So besides Ralph, I’m also liking Michael Kors! ;-D I finally got my matching tote and wallet to partially complete my MK shopping finds from our Holidays 2012 California Trip. And I’m setting my eyes, heart and mind and soul on getting more. One can never have enough bags! *LoL

Matching MK Tote and Wallet

MICHAEL Michael Signature Top ZipTote with external slip pockets and a Signature MK Logo Charm Hang tag. It took me a while to get a MK bag of my liking, more than the design (all so pretty), I had to go for functionality, hence for the need to have a top zipper closure. I wasn’t successful on my MK outlet visits to Cabazon, and Carlsbad. Even from TJ Maxx. These were purchase from Michael Kors Outlet Store in Vacaville, California c/o my aunt  in San Francisco. I got them last February, a month after we arrive home from LAX. 
MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Wallet with gold hardware. Signature Michael Kors logo plate at top center.
Comes with a dust bag. #Nice
Michael Kors Tote Details

Both tote and wallet have golden hardware. Bag has interior zip, wall, and cellphone compartments x 4. Wallet has center zip compartment and several card and currency slots…very roomy interior, my kind of thing. So yes, I can mix and match with few of my MK goodies. Remember these…

MK Logo Studded Tees from Carslbad 
MK Belts. The black belt matches these tote/wallet pair. So yes, I’m in need of a brown purse. Plus I need matching ballerina flats, and heels too. Shopping is very much in order! Soon! 
Michael Kors Edsa Shangri-la Mall Shop. I’ve got my eyes on you! ;-D 
My precious.^_^  Few of my favorite things. #Syoss #iPhone #MichaelKors #Salon  #MeTime

Michael Kors’ designs, quality, and functionality are pretty match at par with Louis (just because I can’t yet bring myself to spend that much for a bag, I have a certain spending threshold). Oh well. So momentarily, Michael Kors is it for moi! Cheers! ;-D 


  1. hi chic & sassy homemaker, i was not interested with blogs before. what makes me read on thru the blogs is the giveaway. When I saw your blog, at first, your giveaway really gave me so much interest to read thru. then while i was reading, i somehow felt connected on your blogs. We are both moms who cares so much for the family esp. the kids. I don't only see (thru ur photos) but i can feel that you strive hard for your child to be nurtured & give him the best things that a child should have/experience. I hope you continue to blog your adventures with your kid, i really enjoy reading your blogs…


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