Mother’s Day Weekend | Hong Kong Adventure Part 2

Ni Hao! ^_^ Oh my, time flies when you’re having fun. #Fighting #AjaAja

Here’s part 2 of our Hong Kong adventure.

Hong Kong Museum of Art

It’s Mother’s Day celebration in Hong Kong. Yay! After breakfast and checking out in Novotel, we’re ready to walk sight see. We left our stuff in the concierge, our flight was the last flight out via Philippine Airlines (10 pm), but we will be picked up from the hotel around 5pm, so we had time to explore.  From Novotel, Tsim Sha Tsui is a train ride from Jordan Station, which is the nearest MTR station to us. Fare was about 20 HKD for the three of us.

It was still quite a walk trom Tsim Sha Tsui station to the Hong Kong Museum, Avenue of Stars and the Victoria Harbour waterfront. You know how I am, I don’t exercise. Hah. After catching my breath, I was ready for the pictorials. Haha.

Art Square, Salisbury Garden Hong Kong Museum of Art
This reminds us of the Chicago Bean. Waterdrop steel sculpture representing heaven. 
Big Apple
With the Happy Folks.
Happy Days are made of this! #FamBam in Hong Kong

It’s a beautiful day in Hong Kong. Walking from one end to another from the Victoria Harbour waterfront will take you to the Avenue of the Stars and the Harbour City in Canton Road.

Spider-Man in Harbour City

Canton Road in Kowloon is the place to be for shopping and sightseeing. So it’s agreed, should we ever go back to Hong Kong (I hope soon and not in another 10 years), we will be staying in this area. It’s home to Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and a whole lot more. Let’s save!

Line at Chanel. There was a line at the Prada Store too. I was tempted, perhaps next time. 

After a very long walk, we’re pleasantly tired. Time for lunch. Not feeling adventurous, we went to the first familiar restaurant we saw. Pizza Hut.

The pizza is for a Cheesy Pops Family Size. Total Bill in Pizza Hut Hong Kong was $411 HKD about Php 2300.  Ouch.  Lunch Buffet in Novotel would have been more like it for just a hundred more dollars.  

Anyhow, time to go back. We’re recharged so we thought will walk some more. We walked back to Novotel, it was another very long walk. We stopped by some shops (Nike, again!!!) And we’re almost back to the hotel. Just one last stop at Sasa, Saigon Road.

The biggest Sasa I’ve been in Hong Kong is the one located at the corner of Nathan Road and Saigon Street near Novotel. 

Since we’re already checked out, it’s just the lobby and the common restrooms for us to freshen up. I asked the hotel, but they don’t have any place to camp. Sad. We had more time to spare, but was just too tired to walk some more. This is the part I missed Manila, where spas are here and there. Chase kept himself entertained with the play area in the hotel with computer and video game access. Soon, it was time to leave for the hotel.

Hong Kong International Airport. Extremely Bad weather = Delayed flights

Instead of 10pm, we left around 2 am, it’s was the roughest flight ever! We made it to Manila, thankfully.

Goodies from Hong Kong. Kit Kat Green Tea from the Airport Store. Bee Cheng Hiang Pork Jerky and Pork Floss from Bee Cheng Hiang Mongkok, and now my son’s fave Nin Jiom Herbal Candy Apple Longan from Mannings Store in the Airport. 

Home sweet home. Hubby got another pair of Nike Kobe 9 and more Nike shirts. Chase got a Minecraft book. I didn’t get anything! Praise, I was a mighty good girl!

It’s a short but oh so sweet stay in Hong Kong. Hope to be back soon! Cheers! ^_^

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