#ChicSassyMomFinds | Few of my Favorite Things Part 2

Here’s a belated continuation of a post I did a long time ago re few of my favorite things. Some things never change, and some things are meant to be obsessed with hoarded.

Bath Origins Natural Hand Sanitizer Mint and Eucalyptus for Php 75/60ml bottle (available in more sizes). Seriously good stuff. Smells so refreshing, spa-ish, and feels squeaky clean. I need my refill, badly. 

Summer in California, hmmm…🤔 Perhaps next year, I will be probably looking forward to this season. To date, it’s really my least favorite of all four seasons, winter being my most happiest time of the year. But anyhow, when you’re in Manila, summer sounds like the better idea than rainy season… hello, vacation time. And it’s not like I will walk under the sun back home, but here in California, everyone lurve lurve the sun and the California tan. I miss my umbrella. Thank goodness for this.

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Face Cover is my favorite sunscreen brand to date.  Though, I hope to get a variant with higher SPF coverage. I swear, it’s the most diligent I’ve been in applying sunscreen, I might finish it soon. 
Chap Stick Total Hydration is surprisingly nice. I love the packaging, ease of application with its easy twist tube, the caring, lasting moisturizing effect, plus everything minty, I’m sold. I need to have a good lip balm that I apply every night as prep when applying matte lipsticks and on some days I’m off lipsticks. 

Last but not the least, dun dun duuuun.

Kylie for moi and my sisters. Oh my, one can never have enough Kylie Lipsticks. I have more coming, because of another sale. There’s one right now, but I need to focus on my priorities, and it’s not definitely hoarding lipkits. 😂 I will save another post for my #FOTD with Kylie’s. 

These are only few, I have more here. I dream of writing a part 3 with designer bags and/or shoes. What d’ya think? It will be so so nice to be able to do that, right? Cheers! ;-D

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