Sally Hansen Diamond Nails

It’s no secret that I tend to shy away from getting my nails done because I just tend to ruin them. I’m happy if they’ll be in pristine condition for 24 hours, and super ecstatic, if they’ll last 48 hours. Since I’m very dependent to our “manicurista” to do them, I end up taking them out, or sporting nail chips for the rest of the week. But since I started my stash of nail colors, I have to practice on my own. I think I might have found a treasure worth collecting, the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Colors. ;-D

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Sunrise Sunset  Php 450 ;-D

It’s my 2nd attempt to do my nails myself in a long time. My first was with Skin Food Nail Pedicure Sparkle, which was very easy for me, because of the shimmering finish, the imperfections due to my uneven strokes, touch ups, etc. were a bit camouflaged. It’s easy to do touch ups too, because the new and the old layers blended just fine. But I realized from reading Project Vanity, that the nail brands have to do their share of minimizing chipping, that they can at least withstand dishwashing, and contacts with planed objects. Nothing major like forcefully opening dozens of pistachios. Guilty! ✌

Love the color! ;-D The No Chip is really something too! ;-D

What’s to ❤?

  • The color effect! So true to their claim of creating multi-dimensional faceted shine. The color reminds me of Orange Sapphire from the Bath and Body Works. 
  • Dries Fast.
  • Can withstand average activities to create a lasting No Chip effect.
What’s to not to  ❤?
  • The consistency is not that thick, even after rolling the bottle between my palms, so if I dip it, and didn’t regulate it by touching the brush to the edge of the bottle, the polish on top of the brush tends to drip.
  • If I put too little on the applicator, then apply a second stroke or layer, since it dries fast, there’s a bit of uneven surface. Even after applying the top coat. 
  • For a beginner like me, to get a precise application, it takes getting used to. Lessons learned, practice indeed makes perfect! ;-D
Overall, if it’s applied with precision, (Paging Ate Fe, our “manicurista“;-D) they’ll be perfect. Will I repurchase? Definitely, I bought 3 more colors from the Sally Hansen Diamond Nail Color Lines. ;-D

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