#ChicSassyMomTravels | Singapore Tulipmania 2017 Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay SG

Last summer, while most of our friends were posting cherry blossoms (haha, jealous much) I posted tulips selfies instead. Nice lah.

So, so beautiful. 🌷
Tulipmania 2017 at the Singapore Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome
A walk in the Flower Dome with all the tulips is a reminiscent of a one very nice spring day. It’s perfect and a breather from the warm summer day in SG. The tulips are in full bloom and it’s amazing how many varieties and colors there are.Β 
Not the usual tulip that I’m familiar with is the Tulipa Spring Break
Oh Edward, where art thou? I love this. Tulip VampireΒ 
This, I love best. Pretty Woman Tulip. 😍
Van Gogh’s The Starry Night
How sweet.Β 
Tulips are such a colorful treat. We have them sold in pots in Manila but you can’t actually grow them with the weather. They tend to be pricey too, but so most of the nice flower arrangements. In the US, I love that we have variety of flowers blooming in the garden, and most supermarkets sell flowers too. When in Australia, check out http://www.flowersforeveryone.com.au/, they have a nice colorful tulip bouquet and a whole lot more.Β Β 

It’s was a nice day to be in Gardens by the Bay. But I love the Supertree Grove and the Garden Rhapsody the most (to be continued…soon) Cheers! ;-D

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