#ChicSassyMomTravels | Monterey California Day Trip

Monterey, oh how I love thee.

Steinback Plaza 2 overlooking the beach. Our view from Louie Linguini’s.

From Alameda, we had an overnight stay with friends in Salinas. Then we were were toured around Monterey Bay. We started with a trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium (will save a dedicated post later).

Monterey’s Cannery Row
Cannery Row Monument at the Steinback Plaza

No words. I’m charmed. But wait, there’s more.

Point Lobos State Reserve
Love, love, love. Finger heart x nth time. Beyond words.Β 

A steep hike from one of the parking area will lead you to this amazing emerald green China Cove, which is home to seals.Β 
How great thou art.Β 

From Point Lobos, we went for a nice drive to the Big Sur coast and were treated to the famed Bixby Bridge.

Oh my, absolutely one for the road. It’s an amazing time in Monterey. Β Superb. It was a great day to be out and about by the California Highway 1. When we went on a road trip from LA to SFO, we were told that this is the scenic route, though it takes longer. I’m pretty sure it will be longer because it is so irresistible to just savor the moment, and take photo op to boot. I can’t say it’s off my bucket list, because now, I’m left wanting to see more. Until next time. Cheers to California tan dreams. ;-D

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