A Day in a Life of a Homemaker #HelpWanted #FavoriteThings

Annyeong, friends!

I’m done with the household chores. #HappyDance Time to blog and Korean drama marathon starts soon. 
Time to relax. New sheets. Check. Oh, find my Tempur pillow, if you can. ;-D Mac time awaits. 
We have our hands full with our day jobs. Chaseyboy, my 9-year old son, is on a summer break, and needs someone to stay with him. Plus, we have a Kuya driver to feed. So having a house helper is indispensable for yours truly. She can either make or break my heart. For a week now, I’m sincerely heart broken. #Drama
My mom came to the rescue. But she needs to go back home. I’m expecting someone, but she can’t make it this soon. I need someone, as in now na! 
Yesterday was my day off…dinner in Wing Stop, and Avengers movie time. 
Today, real business starts. I cooked breakfast. Spam and Pork & Beans. Easy peasy. ;-D
Then I did the laundry. As if, haha. I’m using a washing machine. I enjoy loading the clothes. It’s still Ariel and Downy for us. Plus, I’m very meticulous in sorting. I’m so serious in the job, I downloaded the manual to better understand all the mode. Eco Mode is for towels. Wool is for delicates. Fuzzy is for everything else. Oh, so it’s like that after all. 
Laundry made easy with Samsung Washing Machine. 
The downside of doing the laundry is drying and folding. In the US, I so love the accompanying dryers. I do laundry all the time. Here, I need to go to the roof deck to sun dry. Then fold and iron too. Haay. 
Rowenta Vaccuum. We had this a while back. Orange you glad? It has no bag. It’s very easy to use. 
Scotch Brite Everyday Cleaning Mop. I’m OC, so I’m compelled to mop the floors every night. Haha. 
Mop wringing is very taxing, I have to get the matching mop bucket and wringer soon. 
These are a few of my favorite things… Glade Hawaiian Breeze Air Freshener. New Pledge Delicate Surfaces and Electronics, Glade Surface Disinfectant and Air Sanitizer
For lunch, I made Sisig and Adobo flakes. 
Trying out Sisig from S&R. 
I’m mighty proud of my Adobo flakes.*Teehee My son says it’s the best. As for the Sisig, my Dad makes the best Kapampangan Sisig. The Pork Sisig from S&R is so,so. I cooked the garlic and onions in butter, then added the meat. It didn’t help that I don’t eat pork now, so I really didn’t taste it. I assumed it’s flavored. It lacks my dad’s secret recipe. 
After lunch, I resumed with another batch of laundry. Then I cooked 2 kilos of Adobo to help us get through tomorrow and Tuesday. Plan is to serve Adobo tomorrow, then do Adobo Flakes on Tuesday. 
Our helper left to go back to school. As always, it’s very difficult to find a reliable help. I had a horror story with the replacement, she left after two days after asking for transportation money going here, and back home to get her stuff, only not to be able to return in time because she says the MRT line was so long, and then only to ask for more money because it’s not enough. She just lives in Manila. I had to let her go. So I’m all by myself don’t wanna be all by myself.  
6pm. Dinner time. Will de-stress later with Korean Drama, Smile, You. Oh, I have to tell you, I have a fourth crush, Jung Kyung Ho. He did Time Between Dog and Wolf with my foremost love, Lee Joon Gi (Jun Ki). Loving him in Smile You, Heatless City, and Falling for Innocence (currently showing). 
Psst…seriously, the title should be a day in a life of a “no yaya“. Aissh. Let’s do this! Aja! Aja! Fighting! Cheers! ^_^

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