Sesame Street 1st Birthday Party

Sesame Street Character Cupcakes

Hello! Over the weekend we attended a Sesame Street Theme birthday party. Sesame Street is really a classic!  The characters are really colorful, bright and sunny…it made us (moms) sing along with the theme song as it plays during the program…
♫♬Sunny Day
Sweepin’ the clouds away 

On my way to where the air is sweet 

Can you tell me how to get, 

How to get to Sesame Street ♪♫

What I realized though that the most of the kids (at least closer to my son’s age of 5) are not really that aware of Sesame Street characters, which are actually a lot. In writing this, I even had to read through wikipedia for refresher. During the program, on questions about Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel, they easily guest the characters. But not with the other Sesame Street characters wherein adults had to coach their kids…well,  except for Elmo, who every guest both young and old are pretty taken with him. 🙂  Oh well…it’s never too late to let my son get to know those lovable pals. 

Anyway, happily sharing with you some of the party details. Have fun!!!

Sesame Street Babies Theme Invite
Sesame Street Cake and Loot Bags
Colorful Sesame Street Theme Balloon Pillars and Floating Balloons Stage Set-up
  • The party was hosted by the sister of my friend. She used to be a part of a party supplier in Angeles City, but now she’s just doing it part-time. She sure is great with the kids. She’s able to keep them to participate and just simply have fun. As for my previous posts on parties, a party host would actually make or break your party. It pays to invest on a good one. 
  • The venue was at Garden Dine Balibago, Angeles City. The food was actually yummy. The adults food was served buffet style, while the kids were given a plated meal. The service crews were even very efficient. Although, the supposedly A/C venue couldn’t keep the place cold enough given the A/C units were kinda outdated (although there were around 200 guests to fit in the venue so it’s kinda not surprising!)  
Sesame Street Puppet Show with Count Von Count, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird and Grover  and a whole lot more!
  • The Puppet Show was really amazing! 🙂 It’s a show with voice over with excerpts from actual Sesame Street Episodes and Songs. It’s a All-star Sesame Cast Appearance! I even had to research to refresh my memory and let my 5 year old son get to know them! 
Party Booths: Popcorn, Candies, Pizza, Ice Scramble
Elmo Mascot Dancing to Justin Bieber’s Baby
  • Everyone just fell in love with Elmo!  We all ❤ to have our picture taken with him. His dancing to JB’s Baby song truly won the kids’ over! It was a truly a sight to behold. The kids just had to sing and dance along with him. 🙂
Until our next adventure…! Cheers! 
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  1. Hi…i would like to ask the contact number of the one who organized this sesame street party? Im thinking of having the same theme, I like the puppet show and mascot, and the overall setup…thanks in advance!- Frances B.


  2. Hi – looks like such a great party! I am also planning an Elmo party for my son's 1st bday… Can you give me the contact details of the party planner? Thanks!!


  3. Hi! I would just like to ask the contact numbers for the puppet show,mascot and cake. Thanks in advance.


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