Seoul Travel Part 5: Snail Mail from #NamsanTower #SeoulTower

Starting Monday with a positive attitude via a Seoul-ful blog post…let’s do this!

Aigoo, what is a Korean fangirl like? Writing a 10-part blog post given a 4-day-travel-to-Seoul vs. a 3-part blog post of a 21-day-USA-trip. Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^ 

Postcards from Namsan Tower. It’s total reminiscent of Boys Over Flowers. Hello, Gu Jun Pyo! 

My son excitedly told me that he got my mail from Seoul. Priceless.

Located in the viewing deck of Seoul Tower is “The Highest Post Office”. To send a mail, purchase from the selection of post cards, buy the balance stamps, write, then mail. Easy peasy. Oh my it’s been yearsss since I placed stamps then sent out a mail via the post office. It’s always via couriers with only at most 2 days lead time. 

I posted it last February 19…finally, it arrived!

They’ve got mail! From Seoul with Lots of Love. 

He’s wondering how it took so long (25 days to be exact) for a postcard to reach Manila. We had to satisfy his curiosity on how a snail traditional mail works since this is officially his first postcard. This is such a good reminder that I should send him another surprise package soon since he’s always excited for me every time I receive my online shopping purchases or media kits.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel to Seoul, I remember fondly dreaming of it years back fresh out of my grand addiction from watching Boys Over Flowers. So this is one check off my bucket list (*le sigh I have more, I can’t wait!). And ye, I did take the dreamy cable car ride with a coffee to boot. I’m Geum Jan Di! *Teehee Where art thou my Lee Min Ho Gu Jun Pyo? Cheers! ^_^

To be continued…

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