Save the Date | Puregold Duty Free Summer Sale Summer 2015

Dear Fellow Hoarders,

Happy Monday! I see that you’re all Googling for the date of the Puregold Duty Free Clark 2015 Sale, which led you to my previous post.Β I made a special request to my sister to take a ninja shot of the Sale announcement just to be sure.

Here you go…

Dan dan dan! It will be this Labor Day Weekend, 5-Day Sale from April 29 to May 3. #HappyDance

Puregold Duty Free Clark Summer Savings 5-Day Sale 2015

I wish you well. So sad that I can’t make it, since we’re going to the beach. I made a shopping list though. I hope Spam in on SALE, it’s so very, very expensive now.

Have fun! Cheers! ^_^

Chic Sassy Mom

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