Hello, Tempur Pillow!

Happy Sunday! ^_^

Sometime ago,  I treated myself with a Tempur pillow.

Tempur Shangri-la Plaza Showroom

Tempur Pillow Choices…Clockwise: Ergonomic Original, Sonata, Symphony, Traditional Comfort Cloud Pillow, 
I’m a side sleeper, I choose Symphony Pillow.

Tempur Symphony Pillow Product Features:  This design provides two pillows in one. One side allows the shoulder to fit below the pillow, making it comfortable when sleeping on your side, while the other is gently arched to support your head and neck when sleeping on your back.

Not only the features of the Symphony pillow suit me best, but also the design and price also work for me. For now, I’m only the sole happy owner of Tempur pillow at home, it makes sense to get Symphony pillow because it doesn’t stand out in our bed.

I love hoarding pillows every so often (like last time herehere, and here too). But it seems, of all the 10++ pillows on our bed, I have to make sure I use only the two ones (Charisma, but it tend to loose its shape and fluffiness overtime) to ensure that I don’t end up waking up with a bad case of stiff neck plus back pains (ouch, I’m old!). So you see, I’m not really being capricious to get a Php 6K(with discount) pillow for moi, it’s really for health/medical reasons. *Teehee ^_^

I tell you, the pillow is aesthetically and scientifically awesome (with its NASA seal and a lot more). My son loves it too. He made me promise to get him his own for Christmas.  I reckon, a Tempur pillow is also a good gift idea to my parents, for good night sleeps and even sweeter dreams!

Sleeping with a Tempur pillow is very, very therapeutic to me. Albeit, late sleeper (blame it on my Korean drama marathons), I feel that I still do get a good dose of beauty sleep. I’ll probably own a Tempur Bed still yearsss from now, so for now, a Tempur pillow will have to do. Cheers! ^_^ 

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