Drama, Drama, Drama …Wild Romance and Love, Now

Annyeong! ^_^ TGIF! Oh well, crash dieting is taking a toll on my days and nights (Hah!) and I can only have drama to keep me happy! I know it’s wiser to sleep early so I don’t get hungry (hahaha), but I can’t! So instead, I fill myself with dramarama love. In fact, I’m already doing some reruns of few of my favorite drama, like Queen In Hyun’s Man a la Queen & I, Love Keeps Going, and Lee Min Ho’s City Hunter.  For the past weeks, I was able to marathon a couple more, some worth pulling all-nighters, the others were passable just to read through subtitles.  Not in particular order of liking, I did Love, Now (Taiwanese), Devil Beside Me (Taiwanese), and Wild Romance (Korean).

Love, Now Taiwan Drama stars George Hu and Annie Chen
Annie Chen and George Hu

Love, Now is a daily drama that has 72 episodes. Wow! I love that the white sandy beach proposal scenes and more are from Boracay. Yes, our beloved Boracay! ^_^ So that’s a plus. I like George Hu from Hayate the Combat Butler with Park Shin Hye. I was committed to it until the 40++ episodes, then I just reached my threshold. I just read recaps after then. But if you have the time to marathon it, by all means, indulge. ^_^

Devil Beside Me Stars Mike He and Raine Yang

This I pulled an all-nighter to do a rerun! Mike He is absolutely sweeter the nth time around. ^_^ I watched it years back, before I even started blogging, so I don’t have a novelized post for it, but if I was blogging then, I would have made one sweet post. Looking back then, it’s nice to see how Mike He and Raine Yang age and mature beautifully overtime…Mike He in Love Keeps Going, and Raine Yang in Sunny Girl. Overall, watching Devil Beside You reminded me of Love Rain (with Jang Keun Suk and Im Yoona), albeit a lighter version of it minus the time traveling, not a la Queen In Hyun and Rooftop Prince, I meant the back story of their parents.  Devil Beside Me is definitely a must watch Asian Drama.

Wild Romance Korean Drama stars Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young

This is cute, fun, and wild. I like Lee Dong Wook in My Girl (but I love Lee Joon Gi more ^_^), but I didn’t have the urgency to see it then because I’m not too fond of Lee Si Young’s stereotyped ahjumma hair. Hah. But I like Lee Si Young in Poseidon, and she’s generally likable too in Boys Over Flowers,  so it’s refreshing to see her do comedy with a flair! The drama is generally fun, except it went crazy on the last three episodes as it went from romance to suspense to drama etc. But the ending is still lovable.

So there you have it, for tonight I blogged! Yay! I think I’m getting used to starving dieting, so between it and the hustle and bustle of my day job, I will try to post more. Cheers! ^_^


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