Shopped: Canon EOS M in Red

Hello June! I wanted to have a buana mano for June, so here’s a blog post. Yay! ^_^ I’ve been dreaming of a red camera. I love red! It’s lucky and hearty!

Canon EOS M plus freebies from Abenson..Photo Book, Tripod, SD Card
Canon EOS M with the EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Zoom Lens Kit in Red. #LoveRedMuch

But of course, it has to be Canon.

It’s Eun-Ki’s (Moon Chae Won’s character in Nice Guy/ Innocent Guy Korean Drama) brand of choice. Β #FanGirl

Seriously, from a photography enthusiast standpoint, we’re Team Canon. Our compact camera was a Canon. Also, we have a Canon DSLR (60D then) now hubby upgraded it to EOS 7D. And he’s obsessed with adding so many accessories. It gets too heavy and too complicated for me. So I turn to my iPhone 4s for most of my blog photos, but it has limitations. Those setbacks, and my impending need for a handy but reliable camera for the D-Day (Date Day with Lee Min Ho…Tehee *LoL), I caved in and bought a Canon! ^_^

EOS M is Canon’s entry to the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera segment. It boasts of several features, supposedly more hits than misses, but they’re too technical for me to write at the moment (but who knows in the future I can be a tech blogger. Haha ;-D), so I leave it up to the expert to do so.Β Among it’s several features is the touch screen interface. Since my need goes for compact and reliability, I went for the EOS M. Hubby is also sold to getting it since it’s still a part of the EOS system, so all of our existing EF and EF-S SLR lenses can be used via the ‘Mount adapter EF-EOS M’.

I have a couple of pictures taken with it already… so far, so good! Cheers!^_^Β 


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