Dining at Bretto’s Angeles City

There’s so much to love in Angeles City (haha! love your own!;-D), one of which is the several food choices the city has to offer. One can actually indulge in a gastronomic adventure in the city. There’s this stretch parallel to Clark’s main road, that’s home to several restaurants and cafe’s offering a taste of local and variety of international cuisine. Bretto’s is a famed delicatessen in the area. Again, I’m thankful for my friend for indulging my caprice to food trip.

Bretto’s Deli Shop that is adjacent to the Bretto’s Cafe and Restaurant. Cheeses. Confectionary. Sausages and Cold Cuts. Variety of Potato Cuts…French Fries, Wedges, Criss Cuts.
Imported Grocery Items. Fine Wines (not pictured).
Bretto’s Cafe. We arrived around 8pm. The store closes around 9pm. It was a cozy dining area, with just about 10 tables of 4 seating capacity each.Ā 
Menu. We wanted to try their sausages and sandwiches.Ā 
Brettos’ Popular Fat Burger. We will definitely be back for these.
We got Cheeze Hungarian Php 340.One order has two sausages and a choice of side dishes. We came for the German Potato Salad, but they run out of it, so we opted for the Coleslaw. Sumptuous treat! šŸ˜€Ā 
A modified version of the giant sub. Because they run out of breads too. The cafe must be busy and was running in full capacity earlier that day. But I guess we got a better deal with a more reasonable service size at half the prize.
Pastrami Sandwich in Wheat Bread. Generous portions of meat, and cheese. Love it. šŸ˜€

We paid about Php 500 for our meal. It’s a bit pricey, but we’re stuffed and happy. šŸ˜€ I heard a great deal about their potato salad, beef pies, fat burgers, and other rice meals too. We’ll probably go back for those. Any suggestions, please do share.:-D

Bretto’s Cafe and Restaurant is adjacent to Bretto’s Fine Meats and Deli Shop. It’s along Perimeter Road Don Juico Avenue. It’s painted blue green with a sign post. It’ll be hard to miss.

Map Credit: Google Image

In the map is Bretto’s. We also tried Thai Baht earlier this year. It’s also where the renowned C’Italian Dining is located. You’ll never go hungry in the city, the array of food choices is truly commendable.;-DĀ 

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