Event: More Zen Zest EDT Scents

My first-ever Zen Zest was a gift from my sister not a few years ago (it’s that too long ago ;-D), it was not the last. But I can still remember my several trips to get the Raspberry-scented Body Spray with the sun-ripened raspberry as the latest craze back then, with the SM Megamall cart as my go-to branch. Through the years,  Zen Zest continues to innovate making it a recognizable Lifestyle Brand now with over 100 branches nationwide. So it was to my delight to be part of a Zen Zest Blogger Event for the unveiling of more scents for its best-selling Eau de Toilette Fragrance line.

Spritz away! ;-D Zen Zest EDT’s comes in a wide array of variants is available for both men (Aquamarine, Bullet, Celadon, Turquoise, Cobalt, Teal, and Periwinkle) and women (Thistle, Magenta, Scarlet, Indigo, Mulberry, Tangerine, Marigold) with a scent for every personality and occasion.  Zen Zest Eau de Toilette is hypoallergenic and non-irritating. It contains aloe vera extract so it doesn’t dry the skin. You don’t need to be wary of leaving stains on clothes either.
Aside from the aromatic and gastronomic indulgence that the event offered, meeting Michelle Asence-Fontelera, the founder of Zen Zest (Ms. Zen Zest), and hearing her talk passionately about Zen Zest’s plus the latest unveiling are my greatest takeaway…awe-inspiring!  I admire and envy visionaries like herself who seize the moment, and translate their dreams and passions into profitable ventures. ;-D
Zen Zest EDT Scents for Men. I like Cobalt and Bullet. ;-D
  1. PERIWINKLE – The alternating waves of frosty fragrance and sweet aroma make this the scent of a confident man.
  2. COBALT  – Sharp and sexy, this magnetic potion of citrus fruits and greens awakens the senses.
  3. AQUAMARINE – This spicy fragrance is the perfect date to any occasion. Its earthy combination of fruits and herbs can go from day to night.
  4. TURQUOISE  – The sweetness of this citrus blend invigorates the mind and body, keeping it tough for whatever challenges lie ahead.
  5. TEAL – This woody aromatic fragrance is the ultimate date scent. Seductive and mysterious, it is sure to add excitement to a night out. 
  6. BULLET  – Comfortable and casual, this burst of fruity, refreshing scent makes an ideal companion when you want to kick back and take things easy.
  7. CELADON  – The striking combination of apple, vanilla, and wood is as captivating as the gallant and optimistic personality that wears this fragrance best.
Zen Zest EDT Scents for Women. With Thistle and Mulberry as my favorites.
  1. MARIGOLD  – The delicious scent of freshly-squeezed lemons in a bottle! No matter how strong the sun’s rays are, this fragrance will keep you smiling. 
  2. INDIGO  – A splash of this feminine combination of flowers creates a lasting impression.
  3. THISTLE  – Melon and pineapple, plus mint, equals an exhilarating scent made to beat the summer heat.
  4. MULBERRY  – Concocted with fresh apples and juicy pears, this lovely scent is a joy to wear.
  5. MAGENTA  – Radiate bliss and good vibes with this merry mix of plums, bergamot and exotic flowers in a musk base.
  6. SCARLET  – This provocative floral scent is made for the pulse points of sophisticated women raring to paint the town red.
  7. TANGERINE  – A whiff of this green melon essence is enough to bring the temperature down on scorching summer days.
New Scents. Silver is IT! ;-D 
  1. SILVER  – The winning combination of herbs, vanilla, and amber makes every spray a burst of unforgettable fragrance.
  2. BLACK  – The masculine and self-assured will choose this robust fragrance which boasts of woody freshness and a surge of spicy notes.
  3. BLUE  – Excellent for day wear, this aquatic cool concoction of nutmeg, rosewood, musk and patchouli is subtle and casual.
  4. CORAL – This light and inviting scent of flowers and powder is reminiscent of childhood and days of innocence. 
For an incredibly friendly price of Php 200 per 50ml bottle, Zen Zest’s lavishly allows you to spritz aromatic waters all you want. Zen Zest’ EDT line is formulated with a concentration of 12% fragrance oil, it will keep you smelling great for up to six hours so a bottle can last quite awhile. 
Complimenting the refreshing aromatic indulgence was a lunch treat at the cozy Café 1771, in El Pueblo Real de Manila, Julia Vargas corner San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center. 
My Zen Zest Goody Bag. Big Thanks to the Zen Zest group (Michelle & Nana) for having me.  ;-D  Please stay tuned for the unboxing, and reviews. ;-D
Visit any of Zen Zest’s one hundred plus outlets nationwide to indulge in these great scents! For more details and promotions updates, please visit Zen Zest Asia on Facebook or its official site


  1. hi des! i like this post! 😉 i used to ignore zen zest whenever i see their stalls inside malls. but with your detailed review im starting to think about buying some of your recommended scents. since i got hooked up with hhn, ive started looking for good local brands and realized that maybe it's time that i start patronizing the best that our country can offer.


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