Coca Cola STAR Campaign #5by20

Oh how do I love thee #ShareaCoke campaign? Let me count the ways…but wait, there’s more. Coca Cola is truly committed in winning our hearts with so much stellar marketing campaigns such as the Happiness, Friendship, and Share a Coke, all mostly supported by heartwarming ads to boot. And here goes another amazing sharing of happiness from Coke, the #5by20 STAR program.

Sari-Sari Store Training & Access to Resources by Coca-Cola and TESDA aims to empower women, hence improve lives. 

Empower and Improve lives of 5 million women micro-entrepreneurs by the year 2020. #5by20

We have aplenty of sari-sari (variety) stores in the Philippines. My years of working experience in sales and marketing make me somewhat familiar with the sari-sari store channel dynamics in the Philippines. When we describe them to our foreign partners, we call them our traditional convenience stores. Yes, they thrive because, well, they’re conveniently located almost everywhere. Visit to a sari-sari store are merited because of a sudden need of something, or out of a whim for a Coke or some junk foods. Sari-sari stores also feature some of the interesting goodies, chips, and candies usually are sourced from the traditional public market stalls, hence, not available in our modern supermarket. I have had the pleasure of getting my first dose of retail therapy in a visit to our friendly-neighborhood sari-sari store. Foremost, sari-sari stores are great venues to socialise.
Growth of sari-sari stores in number remains to be steady because because sari-sari stores allow patrons a degree of control in their purchases based on cash available on hand. Hence, sachets are still forever present given the lowest cash outlay requirement to satisfy some everyday needs. (And some sells on credit too…;-D)
On the other side, traditionally, sari-sari stores were put up because they provide convenience to the owner. It’s easy to set-up, it works as their extended pantries, and in part, yields a steady daily cash flow. But when you look at it, only a couple really thrives and remains in the market, we call them Sari-sari store A or B, when measured in size of purchases from a supplier or on-hand inventories. Such that we describe this channel as mushrooming with several opening and closing of stores here and there, and yes, a very volatile channel. Perhaps with than in mind, Coca Cola and TESDA created a program for micro-entrepreneurs to have a sustainable and reliable business for them and for their family.

Sharing with you below inspiring stories of some of the Coca Cola STAR Graduates. 

From sari-sari store owners in the Philippines, to fruit farmers to artisans to vendors, to the mompreneurs, to all the women around the world who are already pillars of our business, the Coca-Cola Company are building on that foundation by implementing programs to help women entrepreneurs. Through 5by20, the campaign will address the most common barriers to success women face by giving them access to business skills training courses, financial services and connections with peers or mentors. Coca Cola’s goal is the empowerment of 5 million women micro-entrepreneurs all over the world by the year 2020.

Truly, when a woman owns a profitable business, you can count on us to open happiness. Cheers! ^_^

Be a Star! For more details please visit http://www.coca-cola.com.ph/en/5-by-20/

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