Building My Circle of Trust on Google Plus

Here’s another random post…my Google Plus experience. Yay! πŸ˜€ I got an invite from my cousin, I tried it out last night, so far, it’s wickedly fun! It looks very promising, and could be a delightful blogger’s best friend.

You want IN in Google Plus Circle? πŸ˜€

Google Plus works in Circles of Friends, Family, Following, I even added Blogger Friends ;-D. I’m gearing up for the move if ever. It lets you drag and drop people among those circles, which means better flexibility and privacy settings. But The Who’s in the circle is only for the page owner to know. Circles work like having a FB personal page, a fan page, and a twitter account all at the same time. Yes, I can still add Phil Younghusband in my circle, but he doesn’t really have to follow me, or he can always add me in his stalker circle. haha! πŸ˜€ I thought of Phil because he’s one lovable social media junkie, but I guess he’s not in the Circle yet.

Google Plus is all about building your Circle of Trust! ;-D

AsΒ a blogger, I have a personal and a site page. Although, both sets of friends know that I’m a walking wannabe Kimchi Citizen. ✌ I still think that there are updates that I need to share only to one set. So I post different status on my personal and fan page. But sometimes, I feel that it’s okay to share to both, so I have to copy and paste both status to both page, with slight difference on smileys and hearts. ;-P With Google Plus, it seems you can do that easily, just choose both circles to share your status.

Google Plus One is Facebook Like and a Β lot more! ;-D

I recently added Google +1 in my site too, I just noticed though, remember how generous people can get in giving out their FB Likes, Lee Min Ho gets millions of likes in minutes in a status update of “Test” ;-D (Yes, I think it’s him!✌). But, it seems, people are shying away from this G+1. Oh well, is it maybe because it has something to do with it having an impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I’m not really sure. I guess, it just means doing it prudently, because the purpose of this would be eventually personalizing one’s overall Google experience when “googling”. ;-D

I think I’ve said too much (again), but there’s more, here are the parts I love the most…

Drag and Drop Photos, the Mac Way in Photo Uploading! Β Faster photo uploading than iPhoto! ;-DΒ Photo Editing in your own Google Plus Album, crop, rotate, effect, the works! ;-D
Since, I’m using Blogger platform for my blog site, I have an automatic album of all my blog photos, yes 800 plus of them! ;-D It means I can purge my photo files in my MacBook now! ;-D

There’s more, you have a tab that allows to see your Google Reader Subscriptions, Mail, your own Blogroll, and more. It’s total domination!Β Having said those, I hope you’re sold to trying out Google Plus because I need to build my circles, pronto! ;-D It’s all peace and quiet in my Google Plus Home, I need drama! ;-D

Photo Credits: Google Images


  1. hi des. i think it will be helpful for bloggers then because integrates the reader subscriptions and blogroll in them.hope you could send me an invite too. :)regards!


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