#FangirlMode | Black Knight Ep 1 and 2 Ravings

Annyeong, cinggu! 🤗

This week was very exciting for an ardent Korean drama fangirl like yours truly. Two dramas premiered. I was so looking forward to them because after While You Were Sleeping ended, drama life is so, so.  I did not warm up to the recent dramas except for Hospital Ship, which made me see Kang Min Hyuk in a whole new lovable, oppa-ble light, haha. Then there’s also The Package with Jung Yong Hwa, I love the first 7 episodes and Paris is love…can’t wait to be back. Yay! CNBlue budding fan here. For the past weeks and so, I have just been re-watching Lee Joon Gi, Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun’s drama. Only Lee Joon Gi is out, so my fangirling soirees and options are pretty much limited. Ottoke!? Thank goodness for Black Knight. *Some spoiler ahead. 

Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung in Black Knight.

Kim Rae Won is divine. Forever a fangirl. I’m so happy to see him after Doctors. And yes, I love Shin Se Kyung despite the haters. I’ve seen most of her drama, well, I even like her in Bride of the Water God. I like her and Nam Joo Hyuk and the drama, regardless. Weirdly, I was compelled to watch Bride of Habaek the entirety of its run than say the Goblin, which I only watched (and yes eventually love) after months it finished airing. So yes, to each his own. So having said that, Black Knight is a big deal for me, a very timely Christmas present to cheer my ardent fangirl addiction heart.

*LeSigh *Swoon Black Knight is love, love, love! Thank you drama gods, Oppa Kim Rae Won is divine! Plus he’s about my age, hahaha. Oh all the possibilities…hahaha 
Shin Se Kyung is so pretty. And I need that cashmere coat too, juseyo. 

Without all the mystery shrouding their characters, Kim Rae Won is her black knight because she requested that he take her drink in her behalf. It’s the usual drama scene where the oppa, guy, Candy boy, will offer to take the drink in her stead. Episode 1 and 2 will just reveal that.

Kim Rae Won will never disappoint in my heart. So he can do no wrong. I love him so, period. While Shin Se Kyung’s character, while seemingly your classic Candy in the workplace, it’s unique to see a different take on her dealing with her rich friends, faux Prosecutor boyfriend, and even her aunt. She’s definitely no pushover. It’s a refreshing change.

I can’t wait for the drama to unravel beautifully in the coming episodes. So far, it seems that except for Sharon (Seo Ji Hye’s character) and Chang Mi Hee seems immortal. Because I was surprised that there is a childhood back story of the main couple in the present time, not Joseon. I was initially at the assumption that he has been the same as both Sharon not through reincarnation, possibly. Hmmm, I’m not actually warming up into the childhood backstory, it must be that I’m not as invested to their childhood actor and actress counterparts. Unlike, say if they were Nam Da-Reum, he takes the place of Yeo Jin-goo as the ultimate child actor counterpart, and some other child actress to the level of Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung. So it’s best that their historical backstory delivers and seals the deal to be the key to the everlasting love they share and for him just to merit being her Black Knight in Shining Armor.

Sharon played by Seo Ji Hye is a pleasant worthy opponent to Shin Se Kyung. Haha. In fact, because I told you I run out of drama marathons to run, I’m now doing Once Upon a Time, her deal with Shin Se Kyung eerily reminds of all the fairy tale leads deal with Rumpelstiltskin, which can all backfire. Such a fierce second lead.

Awwww…Slovenia, we meet….oh how I love thee.

Predjama Castle in Slovenia
Bled Castle, perhaps 🤔

Black Knight is like the making of a hit drama with a dreamy One True Pair (OTP) and with all the right ingredients seamlessly blending for that another nice epic drama that will forever steal my heart. So drama gods, let’s do this. Aja! Aja! Fighting! Cheers! 🍷

Image Source: Google Search Results, Screen captures

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