The Skin Shop Premium BB Cream

Here’s the second installment and hopefully not my last review on The Skin Shop beauty offerings. The Premium Secret BB Cream hails from the BB Cream Capital of the world, Korea! ✌

The Skin Shop Premium Secret BB Cream about USD 22 😀

Product Description:
Functional cosmetic as a make-up primer with reinforced benefits on Whitening, and Sebum Control.

How to apply:
Apply all over face, after morning skin care routine succeeding the moisturizer. Option to apply using the fingertips or brush. Remember, that although it needs to cover up blemishes, discolorations, acne marks, etc., the BB Cream needs to blend with your natural skin color 😀

The Swatch. :-DPress lightly to pump out the cream. It has thick and creamy consistency, and tendency to dry fast. 
I dot it out on my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. ;-D

I started out applying it with my fingertips, it’s the no frills way, but I decided to try it out using a foundation brush (Lioele). So far, I love how it glides smoothly and softly on my skin. I think I’m up for another of adventure of exploring brushes (stippling, foundation brush, kabuki, etc.) ;-D

Here’s a short video on my adventure with using BB cream. Please be nice, it’s my 2nd try.✌

What’s to ❤?

  • Glitzy eye candy packaging and the Hygienic Pump like the Recovery Solution Cream. ;-D
  • Consistency – It has a thicker and creamier consistency than my SkinFood BB Cream. But the cream still glides smoothly. 
  • Its lightweight, and non-greasy.
  • Pleasant subtle scent.
  • No Breakouts ✓ ✌ 
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin
  • Light to Medium Sheer Coverage
  • Can be stand alone (unlike my other BB Cream), without setting it with powder, if you’re up for a healthy glowing look for about 4 hours if indoor. Then I have to retouch my nose to control the shine.
  • I’m not really sure on how to measure the whitening effect, maybe in a few more weeks.
  • For its premium positioning, a USD 22 BB Cream is fairly competitive vs. my SkinFood BB Cream, which I bought in the local shop. It’s yet to be seen just how much the shipping, and the localization would affect the price markup. 
Photo Effect: Taken without Flash, and with Flash! 😀
All with Flash: BB Cream only. To set the cream and for a matte effect (almost) I used Skin Food Sweet Potato Pact Powder. 😀

What’s not to ❤?

  • Tendency to dry fast, means no dilly dallying while applying it. ;-D
  • Be careful on pressing the pump, it’s hard to control on how much to dispense. It took me a while to get used to just how hard to press depending on my need. So just press really lightly and then just do it again, if needed. 
  • Only available in one shade/color. Although, the available shade suits me just fine.
  • Not sold locally yet.  
My Photo Finish Final Look 😀 With my hubby taking my pictures, I need to do my make up 5 minute tops. ;-D
Overall, I’m happy to find a deserving option next to my Skin Food BB Cream. It’s a worthy opponent indeed. Haha! ;-D But I think, a BB Cream going for the win, needs to offer the same lovable benefits with more dramatic results, like a heavy coverage with a sheer like finish. ;-D I like the Kanebo Liquid Finish Foundation, which I used when I went to the States, it’s perfection. But I can’t make myself use it here in our more often than not, oh! sunny and humid nation, because I’m melting. So I’m off to do my window shopping for my next BB Cream brand. ;-D
P.S. As part of The Skin Shop worldwide marketing campaign, the brand held a blogger event via PostnJoy, wherein bloggers are invited to create massive buzz for the brand. Aside from it, The Skin Shop also launched their product review campaign to chosen bloggers from all over. To my delight,  I made the cut and was eligible to receive my first swag ever. ;-D It’s joy overload, when I actually got a package from Korea.   My photos are taken either by a DSLR, WebCam, or iPad, and are posted unphotoshopped. ;-D Although my video is from my MacBook webcam, hence the darker settings, I incorporated raw shots of my face in the AVP. Description, Active Ingredients, and the Benefits are all provided by the company. But the ravings and rantings are mine. ;-D


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