The Skin Shop Recovery Solution Cream (Updated) ;-D

For the past two weeks I’ve incorporated new product lines on my skin care regimen. I switch moisturizer and BB cream. So far, I can say that it’s truly fancy meeting The Skin Shop. ;-D 

The Skin Shop Recovery Solution and BB Cream ;-D
At first, I was faced with a bit of a dilemma. I’m wary to jump ship skin care brands. I wouldn’t want to be faced again with what was one of my worst breakouts to date.  Nonetheless, I have faith to the Korean Cosmetics Industry, so I went along on the adventure.✌

Before: March-April 2011, I had one of my worst episode of breakouts. 

I received two swatches (in full size) to review. I’ll first talk about the Recovery Solution Cream. Please watch my very first product audio video presentation that I did for a product review. ;-D

The Skin Shop Recovery Solution Cream

The Skin Shop Recovery Solution Cream priced around USD 33 ;-D

Product Description: It’s a facial moisturizer with reinforced benefits on skin regeneration, for sensitive skin care, for minimizing skin irritations, and for troubled skin care.

How to Use it: I use it in place of my facial moisturizer as part of my day and night skin care routine.

The Skin Shop recovery comes with a pump for easier, and more hygienic application. 
It has lightweight consistency for easier application and fast absorption.:-D
I dot it out to my forehead, nose, both cheeks, and chin. ;-D
What’s to ❤?

  • Glitzy eye candy packaging and the Hygienic Pump ;-D
  • Consistency ✓ – The solution glides smoothly. Its lightweight, and non-greasy consistency are  aptly suitable for my oily skin in my sunny and humid abode. 
  • ✓ Hydration to the highest level, or is it maybe because I bathe my face with it?! ;-D
  • Scent ✓ – I love the mild scent wit a hint of fresh citrus.
  • No Breakouts ✓ ✌ But I’m not sure if it can heal pimples or acne. 
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin ✓ 
  • Blends well with my BB Cream. ✓ 
  • Leaves a healthy-glowing look. ✓ 
    What’s not to ❤?
    • I sort of have subtle stinging at the sides of my nose. Although, it’s not bothersome, and usually won’t last. Is it maybe that I applied to much?!
    • I wish for the Skin Regeneration effect to be magically evident even in just few tries, who knows it might be the next Rejene, because it seems that there’s very little change on my age spots/ discoloration that are on my right cheek, and even on my slightly visible pores. I long for the time to say “Hurray to Snail Mucus Filtrate!” ;-D
    • Not sold locally yet. 
    Overall, for the listed SRP on the online site, for USD 33 with the reinforced benefit is fairly reasonable.  But I wish for more dramatic results, pronto! Otherwise, it will just be like the usual moisturizer with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle etc., hence, it will be a bit too pricey. Anyway, I’ll still have supply to last me for a while so I hope the drama will unfold soon. ;-D
    Anyway, here’s an up close and personal look to my dolled up pores, age spots, and all,  taken by Canon EOS 60D. ;-D 
    Updates as of August 2011:
    I’m feeling a bit panicky because I think I’m about to finish my bottle. Although, I already asked The Skin Shop guys/gals on how I can get my refills online (pronto!). Over the month and a half that I’m using it, the Recovery Solution Cream has become a staple in my basic skin care regimen. Over time, I noticed overall skin improvements.
    Here’s my recent make up free look. 😀
    And here’s my most recent dolling up adventure. I’m also wearing The Skin Shop Premium Secret BB Cream here. 😀
    • Minimal breakouts especially if I introduced a new skin care product that I suddenly find myself not suited for it. Since I do product reviews I need to risk and to expose my skin to several skin care products, which may or may not be aptly suited for my skin type.
    • It can actually reinforced drying and alleviating pimples. I couldn’t resist it, I popped a small pimple, and just applied this afterwards. There were no marks or scaring of that little mishap. 
    • It alleviates redness, or other skin irritations on my face. I can’t help it, most often than not, I missed on my precious sleep hours, and I know for sure it’s a one way ticket to inviting breakouts. I truly need to break this bad habit.
    • Although, my discolorations on my cheek are still there, but I notice pore refining benefits especially under my area, just above the apples of my cheeks.

    Overall, I’m a bit lamenting the time when I press the pout and nothing will come out of it. So yes, I’m addicted to this Snail Cream, and I have to get my escargot fix soon!  ;-D

    P.S. As part of The Skin Shop worldwide marketing campaign, the brand held a blogger event via PostnJoy, wherein bloggers are invited to create massive buzz for the brand. Aside from it, The Skin Shop also launched their product review campaign to chosen bloggers from all over. To my delight,  I made the cut and was eligible to receive my first swag ever. ;-D It’s joy overload, when I actually got a package from Korea.   My photos are taken either by a DSLR, WebCam, or iPad, and are posted unphotoshopped. ;-D Although my video is from my MacBook webcam, hence the darker settings, I incorporated raw shots of my face in the AVP. Description, Active Ingredients, and the Benefits are all provided by the company. But the ravings and rantings are mine. ;-D


    1. oh really ? meron po sa sm megamall ? 2 days ago galing po ako dun kaso wala akong nakitang skin shop . sabi po sa deoartment store, wla nman . and pumunta din po ako ng watsons . sa loob po ba mismo ng watsons ?? oh my i dont want to miss this 😦


    2. Hi Michelle, hmmm…The Skin Shop FB page announced it that it's supposed to be available na on SM Mega, SM North and SM Harrison. Cge, I'll make sure. I'll update my FB status as soon as I see them for myself. ;D Thanks.


    3. hello. i am looking for this recovery solution cream. where can i purchase this one? pref. by bank or gcash. thanks!


    4. Hi! I'm not sure if it's already available at Watsons Philippines, but just in case they ship worldwide. Please check out The Skin Shop official page links on my post. 🙂


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