Jeun Tong Tofu House | Korean Dinner in California

Annyeonghaseyo! ^_^ Happy Sunday!

Anyhow, this is another late post from our USA Summer 2014 escapade, please bear with me, I have more of them (thousands of photos on my Dropbox for purging). Somehow, I find it easy for me to write about Seoul-ful stuff, of course! Let’s eat! Jal meokkesseumnida!

I’m starving, can’t wait for our #Sundate. But my boys are still out, playing basketball. So more Korean dramarama time for me! Done with Episode 6 of my now fave rom com Korean Drama, I’m in love…all the more reasons to love Fridays.

Oh, and I did a bit of walking to Family Mart to buy myself some snacks (Futomaki and Japanese Cheesecake. Hah. #NoDiet #CheatDayForevah!). Oh life! More “me” time…let’s blog!

In Ortigas Center, lucky me, that I can easily get my Korean fix at either Jang Ga Nae or Seoul Korean Restaurant (formerly the Happy 6 Days). Recently, there’s another Korean Restaurant that I can’t wait to be back, and yes, it’s also in Ortigas Center. #Happy Dance So when we were in California, aunt asked as if we would like a Korean Dinner…oh yes, yes, yes please!

It was very close to where we’re staying. #MeantToBe

Menu at Jeun Tong Korean BBQ and Tofu House in West Covina, California
Oh goodie…So many Korean side dishes! 
Kimchi Pancake #Yummy

I ordered No. 2 in the Combo Menu, the BBQ Beef Bulgogi and Tofu. The Tofu is the Soft Tofu Stew.

Beef Bulgogi
Soft Tofy Soup for the Soul

Hubby ordered No. 1 in the Side Menu (Kalbi Korean Style), Auntie and Uncle got a Combo each. We’re pleasantly stuffed! Masitkke deuseyo!

The servings are huge, they can actually be meant for sharing.  Oh well, for that price of $20 each, they should be!

Did I just mention in another post that prices in USA are relatively well-priced? Let me qualify that, it’s really for the basic supermarket goods. But for restaurant dining? Oh well, they usually offer huge servings and more often than not exemplary customer service, so the price is relative to that.

Jeun Tong Tofu House

Now that they know that I have a over-the-top penchant for almost anything Korean, Aunties and Uncles are telling us that there are other Korean Restaurants that they would like us to dine next time. Buffet. Bless them. Thank you. Cheers! ^_^

Jeun Tong Tofu House is located at 2560 East Amar Road # B1 West Covina, CA.

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