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ChicSassyMom x USA 2022 est 2010…welcome back to my blog!

It’s been 12 years since I started this blog. I moved from Blogger to WordPress. When I started, it’s about my son, Chaseyboy, our adventures and misadventures. It all started when I took a break from corporate employment, I was a stay-at-home-mom (for two years until I went back to corporate life, moved back to Manila, and now I’m in California). So 12 years after, I welcome you (back) to my blog!

New Blog theme and artwork… 2022, I’ll talk about real life dramas as I chase California Dreams, while I play tourist and revel with the sights of palm trees and beautiful sunsets.

2010. Back then, I had time, plus blogging, it was exciting and very new. Although, I didn’t have access to a lot of stuff, because I was in Pampanga, I didn’t shop as much and I was away from the events in Manila. But I was patient, I was diligent, I wrote everyday, just about everything, this was my first post. If I didn’t write about my son, I talked about Seoul-ful stuff…I like Korean dramas, so I write (still do) about skincare, food and dramas (and my oppas). Then I started receiving products to review, and I got invited to events, one of my fave is Sofitel’s (it was first of many more Sofitel Events).

Perks. When I was invited to stay in a hotel…and it was the best day ever for my son.

Looking back, I bought skincare samples from a Korean ahjumma eBay seller, even so, I took time to write a post, I was purposive. Then I went back to corporate employment, I had access to all kinds of things and events. Next thing I know, I had trips to Seoul. I attended fan meetings, but I didn’t write as much. My sorry excuse…Life happens! I was busy! Then Instagram changed the blogging landscape. Brand ambassadors and influencers are aplenty…and they’re exceptional! But, it’s so hard to keep up! One picture speaks a thousand words. I take so-so pictures, though I feel I’m good with words, but I don’t know. Oh well! Plus my son doesn’t want to be in my blog anymore. He doesn’t want to take pictures. I only have one son, unico hijo, so there’s no new adventures to write about, no more parties (last party post I did for Chase was his 13th, he’s now 16).

But still through blogging, I met lifelong friends…Teng, who owns The Brow Studio, which I did a review, and ended up meeting her, and then, omo, she adores Lee Min Ho as much as I do…my Seoul sister. Funny yet endearing story of friendships.

There’s also Mommy Wendy of Wendy Flor, she was based in Seoul back then. We saw each other in Manila and in Seoul. Awwww.

I had a good run. Maybe, I can do this again. California edition.

I tried to evolve and I’m still trying, believe me…so now it’s all about me, myself and I (sometimes my dog). Plus, I’m in California now. I’m still homesick as ever, plus with my ongoing real life drama, I’m probably a lost cause (I’m just being extra dramatic! Ha!) BUT, I got my second wind, so I’ll give it another go. Like what’s inspired me to start blogging in the first place, that if I can make a difference in someone’s life, that’s all that matters. Baby steps. Because honestly, California changed me. Big time! On a lighter note, I lost weight! I’m still on diet, but I found a diet and routine that I can see myself committing and embracing, not being forced to. It works and it matters, because I just want to do it for myself!

This is 41. I still drink my Keto Coffee, but finally, after 40 years, I’m convinced I can use a real workout. #PelotonMom

Maybe, like with so many of us, the pandemic broke me, so much separation, so much me-time to be in my head…but it’s okay, Aja! What matters now is I’m self aware and I decided I can do something about it. Though, there are things I can’t control (my OCD tendencies don’t help!) and I do have anxiety attacks every so often (they’re very real!), that I do need help, and I can use a friend or two. But today, I’m here….so, Aja! Aja! Fighting!

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