Back to School Mates SY 2013-2014

Happy Back to School! Summer vacation is officially over! (Oh my, we can use an extension! ^_^)  This time around, we’re finally getting the hang of it…minimal cramming, and so far, no return trips to the bookstore… yet! Yay! Anyhow, because of the K-12 curriculum, I’m now a happy and a proud mom to a Grade 3 son. (He was Grade 1 last year.) Also, contrary to other parents, hubby still prefers the e-books via the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Although, I still bought a physical Math book, and plan to buy more eventually.

Thank goodness for these color coded notebooks. I appreciate that the school listened to the parents’ rants request. Last school year, I had to wrap them individually with  Art papers. 
Avon Kids Avengers Trolley Bag gifted by my Mother in law. Thank you! 
A matching insulated Lunch bag.
For the past school years, it’s all Disney Cars. It’s nice to go for variety.

Alternately, he’s ready to go for the ever reliable classic JanSport black backpack for his small-bag-only-days. 
Thermos Lunch Kit Insulated Food Jar. I bought this last school year. Although, the closure lock broke (So sad!), and  I’m still waiting for a replacement cover, which reminds me I need to do a follow up call. But the jars can be used together with other insulated lunch boxes. 
Avon Kids 3 in 1 Boys Sando (Sleeveless Undershirt) Pack. These are nice. Super Soft. Also gifts.  We love you Nans (short for Nanay…our endearment to my mother in law ;-D)! 
And the shoes…Florsheim Kids. 
For his school pants, we prefer a cotton khaki pants a la Dockers material, last year I bought them in the school bookstore. This year, I was able to get cheaper alternatives  from the SM Bazaar. But the polo shirts, were still from the school bookstore. For the name tags and the level badges, I had them machine stitched. 
Oh how he’s grown! I didn’t have to bring him to his classroom anymore. I’ve been told that most boys their level go by themselves already! Okay! ;-D
Albeit raining and flooding, it’s a brand new school year, still looking forward to having one great year! Cheers! ^_^

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