Celebrating our Nans’ 60th Birthday at Gumbo

July is such a wonderful time of the year. We are blessed to have so many reasons to celebrate (these and more). We are grateful! One of the many celebrations for this month was my mom in law’s (we call her Nans, short for Nanay) 60th birthday! I have to tell you that Tats and Nans are from Iloilo. But this month, they visited for their annual checkup. We are delighted to have her with us on her birthday, it’s such an exceptional treat to us.

Surprises awaited her at the restaurant…Balloons, Flowers, Cake, and Gifts. 

Prior to bringing her to the dinner venue, we bought her flowers, balloons (I’m loving National Bookstore’s Balloon Services both from SM Megamall and Shangri-la Plaza!), and gifts. We got her something from Lacoste and Parker Pens (because she likes to write and has a pretty handwriting). After getting these, we left them to the care of the staff of Gumbo at the Atrium of SM Megamall. Why Gumbo? Besides loving shrimps (hehe), they needed to have healthier options, remember they’re up for their annual checkups, so seafood it is! But perhaps the deciding factor was the staff of Gumbo sings the cheeriest and loudest happy birthday song in the area. Yay! We heard them doing a song the last time we were dining in Kichitora. It was such a happy rendition of a birthday song! ^_^

Anyhow, we went to Gumbo for the dinner. The food is great! #NomNom

New England Clam Chowder Soup in a bread bowl.   #Yum You ought to know that we love clam chowder soup, so far this is nice, comparable to one of my fave Rack’s clam chowder soup. 
Four Seasons Salad Grande. So pretty, tasteful, and yes very healthy, just look at the colors!

 Click read more to know our very savory main dishes and the birthday surprise! ^_^

Seafood Feast Grande. Seriously one of the nicest seafood plate I had, flavorful, juicy, grilled to perfection. And the vegetable side dishes are perfect. Remember that my my hubby’s family have a fish pond, so their pretty used to seafood, and in effect they’re very picky and particular with freshness etc. This got their seal of approval. 
Of course, gotta feed my boys (son and hubby), so we ordered the Family Feast Grande with honey-glazed chicken, Bourbon-style Barbecue Ribs, and yes more seafood (Batter coated Cream Dory and Shrimp Kebabs), plus vegetables and mashed potato for side dishes. 

Back to the birthday celebration, my son, who was with us when we heard them singing last time, in the middle of the meal asked us when will they sing. Hmmm…excited much. ^_^ When we’re almost ready for dessert, I told my son that he needed to go to the bathroom. #ActingMuch We’re ready for the surprise!

We love you Gumbo! The staff of Gumbo did it again! They had a very cheery, and upbeat birthday song rendition! 
Happy 60th Birthday Nans! 😀 And yes, she got a party hat! ^_^ The cake is Mango Cake from Red Ribbon, which we also gave to the staff of the restaurant prior to going with the birthday celebrant. 
The Family ;-D

Awww…happy day indeed! And wow! The food is great! Oh wait, I mentioned that a while back. but the food is really nice. This is just my second time to dine here, first for everyone else. We concur, we love the food, price is just right (but if you get a coupon that they hand out, you get a Buy 1, Take 1 on Main Dish Yay! ;-D), and the service…superb! ^_^

For Gumbo Menu and Prices, please checkout the Gumbo Philippines Official Site

Gumbo Megamall branch is located at Mega Atrium 2/L Mega Atrium Bldg., SM Mega Mall, Mandaluyong City Philippines 

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